What is SEO? SEO is basically the ability understand search intent

What is SEO? SEO is basically the ability to understand search intentWhat is SEO? What Makes Up Great SEO? What is search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is basically the ability to understand search intent so you can deliver content that meets users’ needs and offers the best solution.

Lots of changes impacted search in recent years and now, as always SEO’s are keen on the newly emerging SEO trends and the updates that Google Search has in the future for us. If you have heard it said, “Evolve or decay”, it is best to keep a fluid approach and understand that success is staying current with the future of SEO, what it is, and what it is evolving into. SEO, like all forms of technology, is perpetually changing. It is best to move quickly from “old school” methods to current demands to win competitively in earned search. Today, some say that SEO is the ability to win Google SERP clicks.

What is SEO?

That’s a legitimate question. SEO is a marketing activity that involves the work to alter websites to generate improved visibility within the organic search channel for their content. We find a ton of misconceptions floating around as to what SEO is. This article is meant to help answer that question. Benefit by knowing how SEO is defined today to discover some great opportunities to reach people based on emerging trends.

What is SEO in digital marketing?

SEO is the cornerstone of any digital marketing strategy. Your digital marketing outreach on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo may produce more revenue than anything else. Advanced SEO increases website traffic through natural algorithmic means; to do so, it cannot be separated from any digital outreach planning.

Ways We Help Client Boost Their Site’s SEO

Your business may be the most amazing, visually appealing web storefront, digital forum, or product ever, but if you’re not visible to prospective buyers, your business’s growth strategy isn’t serving you. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a powerful means of connecting with new audiences and includes showing up in Knowledge Graph answers.

1. On-Page Website SEO

What is On-Page SEO?

On-Page Factors refers to the various components that make up an individual web page. These components influence search engine ranking. You benefit from actionable strategies you can use to obtain more search engine traffic from white hat SEO. On-Page factors are the aspects of a specific web page that influence earned search engine results. On-page SEO is the art of optimizing specific web pages to make them more valuable to site visitors, to rank content higher, and to earn more relevant traffic from search engines. On-page includes both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be improved, which is different from off-page SEO which refers to links and other external proof signals

On-page SEO is about understanding what users want and preparing content to match meaning behind user conceptual searches. Read more about our on-page SEO services. SEO and how it works to benefit the site owner and the user seeking your services continually updates. This is a necessary aspect of every viable website; Google algorithms update continually to meet user demands, keep up with new opportunities, and changes as semantic search evolves.

There are a host of excellent software options for automating SEO tasks, but in our experience, a human-managed approach is the best way we see and prove results. Fresh content management and optimization for better user experiences, when done page by page, needs human eyes and a good deal of brand familiarity. Web Analytics, Google Search Console, social integration, how your business shows up on Google Maps and paid search data must be critically analyzed and correctly interpreted in order for the right actions to be implemented. Content needs to be created, distributed and optimized on a regular basis to keep readers engaged.

It is NOT about techniques and savvy hacks. It is ALL about creating stunning websites with high functionality, providing valuable answers, an excellent user experience, and zero spam.


2. Optimized Web Content and Content Curation

SEO is optimizing your website’s content in a manner that helps search engine identify who you are, which services and products you sell, and where and how you sell them. It includes a separate focus on mobile optimization.

We bring top internet marketing minds to your team and share our expertise to create the ultimate optimized web content for your business. With SEO brain power behind it that focuses on viewer needs, web content will be of high quality and uniquely yours.

Search engine optimization is the work of optimizing your web pages for user-focused evergreen content to be easily discoverable by consumers searching for terms relevant to your products and services. Benefit from an SEO expert when you want to make your content straight up better than your competition. By focusing on what your ideal buyers want, when and where they want, and the journey of providing communications till conversion, your content messages will gain more authority.

As SEO management becomes more complex, the need for organic optimization is becoming even more important. New way emerge to achieve higher visibility in both desktop and mobile searches. It means Having skilled help to run your SEO program ultimately becomes a challenge if their role is too diverse. Multiple SEO factors are playing a part in influencing positioning in rankings. While aving great content is the core of a comprehensive SEO strategy, today eCommerce sites need to leverage Google dataset seearh to win placement in product carousels.


3. Relational Link Buildingkeyword research and discovery

SEO is about your on-line authority. It is important to know that your business website is comprised of the best content you can offer your users. They also need to find your answers fast; today the new Google Core Web Vitals report in your Search Console offers several helpful tools. We will help you improve your website’s authority. A key aspect of what SEO is includes creating and curating valuable and information content that people want to read, share and link to. SEO is great content that can be found. When others provide an authoritative site link to your web pages, it validates to Google™ that your pages offer value and are authoritative. This leads to SEO success because search engines want to reward users in its search results. It’s simple!

Link building isn’t really centered on link building. It’s relationship building. Links are just the proof of the relationship, as are the pins, tweets, likes, sales, aggregate reviews, comments and all aspect of user interaction.

The process of increasing the value of your website’s content for users starts by being search engine friendly, then it is easier get a high quality score for an AdWords landing page and gaining quality inbound links. Manual link building and “link earning” begins with great content and personalized search by optimizing your Google Assistant Directory Page.



4. Keyword Research & DiscoveryKeyword Research and Discovery

Is SEO still largely keyword-based?

To answer this the title question, yes, keywords are still important in SEO. However, their role has changed. Due to entity extraction and pairing, they are as significant anymore. Today, SEO is far more complex than just keywords since Google can understand both the text before and after a keyword. In our progressive SEO-world, content marketers should update their way of using keywords and search phrases.

Offering your business greater success in campaigns by first conducting semantic keyword research to effectively know which keyword phrases you are targeting, and which ones you should be targeting. While Google keeps our SEO efforts evergreen with all the algorithm updates, one thing is pretty consistent for inbound marketers looking to optimize their websites for search: the use of keywords.

However, the process of conducting keyword research and how to apply that to keyword topics is evolving. To determine your best list of terms you should be targeting, we can help establish and execute a strong keyword strategy. We know that you want to get found for the search terms you truly care about.

Search has evolved to be able to better understand user intent and match up to semantic content on your website. Set-up your Google Analytics to harvest critical data as to user actions and many additional SEO reports.

Your site needs sufficient content on your top services to match queries on the topic to discover your pages. Review and know the top search queries for your nice. Compare the number of site impressions and CTR to identify potential areas for improvement. There are several steps to take to optimize content and make it appear more compelling so that users click your site in rich search results pages.

Keyword or “search query terms” discovery is a crucial aspect of search marketing and should be a central part of your content creation. The traditional keyword research to get a search campaign off the ground now focuses more on how to capture every search query that exposes users to your web pages.


5. Google Analytics Set-Up, Reporting & Tweaking

Google Analytics generates more granular reports that you may have been familiar with. They are key to analyze all possible data about your website traffic. You can gain needed factual data to make better business decisions for improved ROI. One of the easiest ways to track your website’s performance is to utilize an analytics tool, like Google Analytics. It is a free tool and can help you understand web traffic, converting pages, viewer preferences, your best conversion funnel, and much more.

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) reports that Google Analytics offers you is rich with key information about Google Web Search queries. By knowing what your current viewers want and consume on your site, you can better align your new content to win in search engine result pages or SERPs. You can learn how to discover SEO content marketing insights or lead generation from Google Analytics by finding odd keyword searches you may otherwise miss.

Anybody working as a search professional in 2017 must be a mobile fan. Mobile search is growing by extensibility and surpassed desktop usage in 2016. You must optimize your website for mobile platforms, AMP pages being the most ideal format. It’s not too difficult to make these changes and then see your results in your Google Analytics. If a site isn’t mobile-friendly, most likely it will see losses of size in web traffic.

We see many avenues to bolster lead generation and SEO success in the coming year. It’s critical to grasp that no single on-site strategy works for every business site; we help clients discover which methods might offer the best return on marketing spends and ROI.


6. Local Search MarketingMinneapolis local search marketing

Is all SEO location-based?

Nearly all of current search volume starts with being location-based. The more individuals that adopt using mobile devices, the more significant location-based SEO becomes. Google’s algorithm updates, like Google Possum, favor location-targeted content more than ever by surfacing businesses in Google’s 3-Pack.

Local search marketing is extraordinarily complex with an array of tactics to employ that daze many a small business owner trying to sort it on their own. In order to expand the visibility of your business online, engage a Local Search SEO Expert to accomplish what even the savviest business owners often completely overlooked.

Recent surveys rake local search marketing as the best dollar you can spend and gain results that will move you ahead. Read about how local search marketing services work. Over 3 billion Google Search Queries every month contain local terms, states Blast Marketing.

If you are a local Minneapolis business, you may be wondering what can be done to further optimize your website to rank higher in local SERPs. As more businesses engage mobile Apps and delve deeper into how to use new features in Google Maps, they can expect to see a lift. Implementing schema structured data is necessary as well to gain rich cards and control your Google Knowledge Graph. Product structured data is vital for competing in the eCommerce space.


7. Online Lead Generation

Add high value to each web page by increasing its optimization with high effective lead generation for Minneapolis business online marketing conversions. Every business can benefit from predictive lead generation and analytics to gain clear customer insights. Once your business can clearly identify its ideal buyer, it is easier to craft your marketing campaigns to increase qualified leads. With the arrival of big data, marketers can leverage even more varied data and glean marketing-qualified leads as well as sales-qualified leads.

You can enjoy the ability to focus your sales efforts with predictive analytics that help reveal the right buyer personas and profiles of customers and prospects ready to buy. Also, use new ways that come up to help you connect more directly with people looking for solution online, like the new Google Post feature.

Sprout Media Lab says**, “Moving forward into 2017, lead generation and SEO will continue to work together to bring the largest amount of inbound traffic to a website. Ever since Google initiated their Panda and Penguin updates, many website owners have worked with a handicap. Therefore, figuring out how to give the search engines and people what they want is the golden ticket to prosperity going into next year.”

We believe that is true – and even more vital for a small business.


A Good SEO knows What SEO is and Stays Current

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the term used to indicate improvements a website owner can take to benefit users by making it easier for search engines to understand your site’s content so website visitors can find answers to their questions. In search results, Google serves up links to web pages it considers relevant to answer the user query and authoritative that will best answer the search query. Authority is largely determined by analyzing unique and relevant content, the number and quality of links from other web pages, and trust rank. You will want to raise your web authority on both your domain and page levels. By adding all types of essential schema markup to your content , you SEO is improved.

Google serves up authority websites at the top of search results after a quick and complex process that selects authority sites that will provide clear, quality and expert answers relating to the intent of the user’s search query. Effective SEO interweaves into every aspect of your online presence. Any reference to your business starts with using keywords or phrases that describe you or your services and relate to your website, blog, or social content. Well presented, optimized, in-depth on-topic content is going to naturally boost Search Engine Optimization.

Gary Illyes, Trends Analyst at Google in Zurich, Switzerland, stated live on Stone Temple Consulting Webinar: “This may be shocking, but there are some bad SEOs out there. Most sites impacted by Penguin were small businesses that hired an SEO who did something nasty. There are SEO companies who are really, truly good. You have to be careful about how you choose your SEO company. You have to figure out if the people who will touch your website really know what they are doing.”

8 Aspects of SEO that are Evolving

1. Higher Google ranking in SERPs involves more factors

2. The significance and way local search results are displayed

3. What Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) demands of load speed and why you need to improve it right now.

4. Understanding organic search traffic in Google Analytics through new reports

5. How reading keywords is shaping up with structured data markup

6. The seriousness of spammy link penalties and the ability to remove them quicker

7. How users engage your content once on your web pages will affect SERP ranking changes

8. New abilities to edit your business information in the Google Knowledge Graph

Bottom Line of Improving your Website’s SEO

Your SEO optimization score is derived from many factors, including lesser-known influences, such as the length of years the domain has existed and the quality of hosting. The bottom line is that individuals who come to your web page or online store because of a search query will want to find answers to what they searched for. By clearly being the provider of the “best search query answer” everyone wins: the one who searched, the engine trying to match the query, and you – the owner of the site with the answer. After making it easy for almost anybody to find your content, you can establish a one-to-one relationship and provide the services you are passionate about.

Because keywords, competitive benchmarks, and niche specific SEO schema implementation all come into play, hire an SEO who specializes in your niche, for example, medical search.

Typically websites that win higher results in SERPs have the benefit of more traffic to their pages, so naturally, the more eyes that view your content; you can potentially win more business. Reaching page one – or ideally, position one – depends much on your unique industry niche and the level of competition you face to offer the best solution to searchers. If you’re in the financial industry, smartphone space, or travel, a generous budget will be necessary. However, if you’re offering a niche product or a service in a smaller geographical area for a narrowly defined buyer, you have an easier chance of at least getting to page one with your content. Either way, it requires patience and following the right SEO principles.

The significance of SEO doesn’t cease to exist once you get customers on your website either. It requires an ongoing effort to answer users’ questions at every stage in the buying process. Google found that 42% of prospective buyers conduct research online “while they’re inside your store” or on your site. Almost all of this pre-purchasing activity is possible because of their choice to use search engines (69%) or your own website (46%). Too many SEO myths still hang around from SEO tactics of years past. This includes a lot that is still posted about: link building, using keywords on-page, Meta keyword tag, tags in general, area pages that are templated, and guest posting.

Amazingly, Google processes well over 100 billion queries per month, 43% of those queries generally are seeking a local business. It is astoundingly clear, if your businesses revenue is dependent on local customers finding you, you have to invest in SEO.

SEO will be more about mobile image optimization as it takes center stage with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) coming Q of this year. SEOs and Marketers who neglect to prepare or individuals who search using mobile devices will not be limiting their reach. We are already seeing that mobile devices have surpassed desktop devices in terms of the number of users. Your websites must be responsive in answer to user demand. Otherwise, users may get frustrated with unprofessional load times or unusable content of mobile and head for another site.

What is SEO Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of a site’s traffic by increasing the value of its content and ability to get found by people using a web search engine.

As organic SEO continues to improve, search engines are better at surfacing results that respond to a user’s intent, not just their exact query. The same best SEO practices that give your business website a ranking lift in Google will probably work for Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo, as well. The benefits of creating a healthy site are magnified many times over. Individuals locate and respond to web content via browsing, searching, and asking questions online. The findability experience should reward the searcher and need not be sacrificed for a great visual experience once they arrive at your site. Invest in providing answers that meet the search intent of people seeking for in-depth content on a specific topic.

Hill Web Creations’ chief objective is to help clients market their brands online in the best manner to offer services to niche clients. If a business needs dependable guidance to be found in relevant searches, we can get the job done right. Impressive conversion rates are also a major goal for us. When it comes to marketing and helping eager clients, we are passionate about always being your preferred choice for SEO services.

Designing your website with SEO optimization from the beginning will get you off on the best Marketing Plan. It doesn’t get better than this! If you are asking, “What is SEO?” We can help cover all aspects of it! PRO TIP: While each web page has its unique look and feel, each and every element from background to the font to layout can be fully customized to meet real user needs; we will help you stay focused on bottom lines for your business success.

Advice from Google on How to Hire an SEOAdvice from Google on How to Hire an SEO

How to ensure you hire an SEO Expert who uses current Google Best Practices versus an SEO who has you paying for useless steps they suggest.

Maile Ohye, who works at Google, is the articulate presenter in a new video posted February 14, 2017, on how to hire and SEO. Her tips* can save you from a disappointing process or an SEO disaster to ensuring a rewarding job by clearly documenting the main points you should consider during the hiring process. She outlines how to choose a skilled professional SEO consultant in three easy steps:

• Conduct an in-person interview with potential SEO agencies. You cannot miss a real passion for helping you to help your business succeed not just one who talks about page rankings.

• Check their references for ethical SEO practices and confirmed results.

• Make sure that they begin with a technical SEO search audit (and be prepared to pay for it). They should be addressing the time, money, and energy it WILL take for a positive impact.

• Their proposals should be able to cover long-term site health, which helps the entire searchers’ experience, and not just initial growth.

“If you’re not ready to commit to implementing SEO improvements, while getting an SEO audit may be helpful, make sure that your entire organization is onboard. Else your SEO improvements may be non-existent regardless of who you hire.” – Maile Ohye

Begin your Online Marketing with Search Engine Optimization

Optimization begins with knowing what consumers want. Your customers, prospects, and partners sustain the existence of your business. We build marketing strategies around consumers.

The main reason we believe in beginning with a solid search engine optimization over PPC, is that you engender residual search traffic without repeatedly paying for it. It is key to building your brand image on every platform. Typically, you gain long-term increased ROI with SEO, as well as lower pay-per-click when advancing with paid advertising. Once a website is user-friendly, has high-value content, and has thoughtfully made it easier for Google Bot and other search engines to understand that content, you are ready to go after more competitive keywords and winning featured snippets.

We enjoy participating in exclusive search engine optimization communities across the globe. My passion for winning new business for clients compels me to stay on top of new search trends and Google algorithm changes. Our marketing research strategies withstand the test of time due to a thriving diligence to participate in beta programs, learn all we can, and dedicate time daily to know what changed in the last 24 hours. When many others are out partying some nights (we take a refresher too), however, we are among the enthusiasts that like to spend spare time reading up on SEO trends and strategies.

To keep our clients in the lead in their niche, our passion as true SEO specialists is ever working on your behalf.

If you’re looking for a free SEO introductory consultation, call us now at 651-206-2410 and we’ll help you gain an idea of your benefits from a comprehensive SEO audit.

Is SEO More Important in the 2020s?

Yes. SEO has existed for over a decade and a half and now makes up a gigantic share of high-value traffic for successful websites. Optimizing your on-page content and off-page brand mentions for SEO is going to be even more important in the 2020s as organic search continues to rise above other ways to generate search traffic.

“On average, 83 percent of the traffic from search engines comes from SEO, and 17 percent from paid search”, according to Eric Newton of BrightEdge. The Feb 2020 article titled Why SEO – Top 15 Reasons to Focus on SEO in 2020 talks about the key benefit of SEO is it’s long-term traffic equity. “While SEO does require an upfront resource investment, search engine rankings, once earned, have long-term duration.” We believe this is a key ROI that matters most.

Is Targeted Link Building Central to SEO?

Yes. Effective, important link building strategies have grown to encompass more team players than just what can be implemented by SEOs and marketers. It takes a coordinated effort between the familiar email blasts, wins in social sharing, news press releases, quality blog posts, paid search ads, and more. Our approach is to empower every individual on the team regardless if they work inside the company or as a freelance marketer. To understand SEO objectives, each one needs to see how it benefits their role or their department so they can start to visualize opportunities everywhere.

When everyone involved in the success of a business’s marketing recognizes themselves as part of the responsibility for marketing – including link building- that sense of ownership for their brand’s success makes progress easier. Since link-building is really about building relationships, each one will have unique opportunities to suggest a link where it is mutually beneficial. Integral link building is not only self-focused, it is also “other” serving. We recommend starting with optimizing your Google My Business page.

After years of more random link building and experiences or tales of websites penalized for spammy links, a clear definition of targeted link building helps. Rand Fishkin during a MozWhite Friday on SEO and linking building, stated: “Targeted link building is the practice of reaching out and trying to individually bring links to specific URLs or specific domains — usually individual pages, though — and trying to use those links to boost the rankings of those pages in search engine results.”

This core aspect of SEO needed to adjust after some found how to manipulate search engines – for a time, often till a penalty tumbles results. This may have been how SEO was once done; today, a ton more goes into the SEO industry. Unfortunately, many who have continued on with some of these poor SEO practices have given cause for some skepticism from folks about whether targeted link building is still a valid practice.

SEO Evolves: you must Execute, Learn, and Iterate

As SEO’s everyone accrues a list of SEO tasks and those who have been in it long have come to expect it to. For example, more sites are implementing structured data; local business schema validation has become a core task. The process of actually implementing, learning from a sufficient accumulation of results and integrating our approaches demands time and attention to detailed search data reports. As backlinks continue to be a necessary part of SEO, the opportunity to obtain the necessary contact information to reach out to people, to gain the links that we’re requesting, now we want to execute, learn, and iterate may seem tedious. Whatever we attempt, when we don’t hear back, it is time to try and figure out: Why not? Why your message didn’t resonate? Or was the “ask” clear enough?

Quality content writing is essential for promoting your blog. SEO is hugely made up of testing results after algorithm updates, changes in the competitive landscape, the transition of viewers access content more on mobile devices, and more. For example, be the best answer to People Also Ask questions in evolving semantic search. Once we are clear on how SEO needs to adapt to meet current criteria, approving these new ideas and hypotheses is the next step. Overall, it takes a fluid and savvy search professional to improve our search engine optimization processes. We need to explain to clients and win trust through our SEO iterative learning processes. As forms of link building that win positive results are separated out from those that are punitive, page rankings climb once we do.

Just as business owners cannot give up on investing in marketing, so Marketers must give sufficient time to be ever learning to sustain consistent and positive results. Links are important but they don’t comprise the sum of SEO. As well, focus on quality over quantity and don’t isolate your linking profile from your content building. It’s critical to have a working concept that having great content colossally grows your chances of obtaining natural links from quality on-topic sources. These links will help your business strengthen its over SEO health.

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More Answers as to What SEO is: Definitions of SEO

There are a lot of definitions of SEO (spelled Search engine optimization in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, and search engine optimization here on our continent in the U.S.). Given the latest Google Panda algorithm, organic SEO in the 2020s is mostly about a focus on user-friendly content that generates free traffic from search engines. Below are some of our favorite definitions of what SEO is from trusted sources. If you are doing international SEO, especially in the EU, read about GDPR privacy requirements and user transparency.

SEO is broader than just tasks that are completed on your website. For example, all Retailers will benefit from making the most of the Products feature on Google My Business. It should reflect and be integrated with your website’s evergreen sales funnel.

“Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as ‘natural,’ ‘organic,’ or “earned” results.” ~ Wikipedia

“SEO is strategies, techniques and tactics to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in search results. SEO is typically a set of “white hat” best practices that webmasters and Web content producers follow to help them achieve a better ranking in search engine results.” – www.webopedia.com

“Search engine optimization (SEO), is a mandatory marketing tactic if you want your website to be found. SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results. Your website can Work faster and get better results from search, converting clicks to customers.” – Wordstream

“SEO is the on-going process of discovering and uncovering new opportunities for highly converting user experiences and unbranded keyword phrases to drive marketing decisions, mobile organic search traffic, and lead conversions. By then implementing strategic action across your web presence, you can improve upon your website’s current impact and create new impact. A better understanding of what SEO is will help your business on its way to having greater influence on the web.” – Jeannie Hill


SEO Web Optimization Services

We use only white hat SEO tactics to increase your business’s visibility in front of potential customers. Our SEO services provide you with a personal marketing account manager that your business wants to optimize and enhance your brand’s trust and authority. Get familiar with use and common search marketing terms and answers. Whether we are enhancing your images, videos, structured data markup, or detailed descriptions, we can help to build trust with your potential customers. We take the necessary time to optimize your individual pages and profiles to ensure you stand out where it counts. Our Minneapolis Digital Marketing and SEO services help you determine if Organization schema fits your site vs Local Business markup. We help you inform search engines about who you are and created a consistent digital footprint. Prices begin at $1,1500 (offer valid through July 31, 2024).

In summary, we want your web content to – get relevant, get trusted, get popular, and get found with the right customers for your business. However you end up choosing to define SEO, everyone agrees that learning how to improve your site’s SEO can significantly improve your business’ eminence in digital search results.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO can also be defined as the simple activity of ensuring a website is visible in search engines for search queries and phrases relevant to what the website is about. While it is a form of content management or quality control for websites, because it can make a business so successful, it has also become more complex. Today, businesses must prioritize a mobile strategy to reach consumers who research and buy from mobile devices. Having said that, many professionals agree that as an industry, SEO is probably one of the most misunderstood aspects of digital marketing.

More recently, SEO is also about user privacy and transparency. Now that you have done your homework to learn what SEO is and to better understand what to focus on, fix what needs repairing, and then create content people need and want to share. Do this and you’ll start to see your web pages increase in their ranking positions and, most of all – bring in more revenue.

Client Review for SEO Services

5 out of 5 stars

July 18, 2016

“Jeannie Hill of Hill Web Creations created an excellent website for my business, Thatcher Law Firm PA. She is very creative and really understands SEO. I have seen excellent results from the website Jeannie designed for me.” –Catherine Thatcher, attorney

We simplify your SEO needs and ensure it is working effectively.

Ask some SEO firms about SEO and they may attempt to impress you with science, complex terminology and confuse you into thinking it’s a secret art. Ask some agencies what is SEO and hours later you’ll be more confused. We take a different approach at Hill Web Marketing. We love seeing our clients get involved and partner with us once they get their minds around it. SEO techniques are advancing daily, as the use of machine learning expands. We prefer our clients know and value what we are doing for them, and why!

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