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How Practices Thrive From Dental Marketing Services Dental practices need SEO to stay at the forefront and build trust and loyalty among prospective patients. In the highly competitive healthcare and dentistry niche, it’s crucial to stay ahead and provide value-added dental answers and information. Being “findable” on the Internet requires constantly evolving and adaptive healthcare […]

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Healthcare Content Strategy for E-E-A-T & YMYL Criteria

How to Create a Content Strategy to Meet E-E-A-T and YMYL Criteria Updated 3.10.2023 To boost E-E-A-T signals for YMYL sites, you need recognition of your expertise, trust referrals, and to create authoritative, link-worthy content. How much the Google E-E-A-T update impacts your site depends on many factors. One thing is clear, it changes how […]

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Google Business Profile Updates for Healthcare Sites

How to keep Healthcare Google Business Listings Updated Updated 10.9.2023 At a time when the volume of medical searches is exploding, people need to quickly find the right medical providers in their geo-locations. Your Google Business Listing updates help you stay in customers’ minds and are a key part of a strong local search marketing […]

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Healthcare Patient Review Strategies To Build Your Client Base

How to Create an Effective Healthcare Patient Review Strategy Today, almost every medical business with a marketing plan recognizes the need for a healthcare patient review strategy to build brand credibility and trust. It is a vital component in brand reputation building. Reputation management and positive client testimonials are critical to the success of healthcare […]

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Medical Search Technology Relies on Google Alphabet and Big Data

Medical Search Technology Relies on Google Alphabet and Big Data Updated 5.3.2023 The U.S. is learning more as to how artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning play a major role in shaping daily life; apparently Google regards searches around medical symptoms as significant. Engagement of medical search technology is rapidly expanding, as is new […]