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Google Business Profile Updates for Healthcare Sites

How to keep Healthcare Google Business Listings Updated Updated 10.9.2023 At a time when the volume of medical searches is exploding, people need to quickly find the right medical providers in their geo-locations. Your Google Business Listing updates help you stay in customers’ minds and are a key part of a strong local search marketing […]

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Healthcare Patient Review Strategies To Build Your Client Base

How to Create an Effective Healthcare Patient Review Strategy Today, almost every medical business with a marketing plan recognizes the need for a healthcare patient review strategy to build brand credibility and trust. It is a vital component in brand reputation building. Reputation management and positive client testimonials are critical to the success of healthcare […]

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How to Build Brand Trust and Brand Equity

How to Build Brand Trust and Brand Equity with Consumers Updated 3.5.2023 Retail sales are dependent on trusted consumer relationships and brand-loyal followers. The first data point is consumer trust. Brand trust is something that every online business must earn. You cannot buy consumer trust. It is about being trustworthy and demonstrating that over time. […]

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How to Markup Reviews, AggregateRatings, & Critic Reviews in Schema Business Review Markup

Valid Review Structured Data Markup, AggregateRatings, and Critic Reviews Updated 8.26.2023 Review structured data markup may well be the most powerful type of schema, according to the results we monitor. However, use critic reviews and AggregateRatings review markup with prudence; it demands a high level of accuracy. Where it fits, add it to every retail […]

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How to Manage Google Business Reviews

Improved Ways to Manage Google Business Reviews Updated: 8.18.2023 You know reviews are important, but do you know just HOW impactful they can be for product pages that build consumer trust and your Local SEO?! Reviews build trust, credibility, and can positively impact your sales volume. Meaning, it’s definitely worth it to dig into the […]


Online Reviews Help Build Business Credibility and Trust

Online Reviews Establish Business Credibility Updated 7.6.2023 Businesses that have wrangled with how to manage reviews to establish business credibility are thrilled to learn that the process just became easier. When you complete a service or sell a product to digital shoppers, always ask your clientele, ‚ÄúPlease tell me how I am doing leaving a […]