Search Marketing Strategies That Successfully Lead Site Redesign

How to Define Your Search Marketing Strategies for a Site Redesign Experience tells us that high-level strategic thinking, research and search marketing pre-planning is of particular importance to websites before ever building them or embarking on a re-design. Results-driven Website redesigns that begin with proven search marketing strategies have happier clients in the end. Website […]

Win Google SERP Clicks and New Customers

How to Win Google-owned SERP Clicks Many who have adhered more to an “it’s always worked” search marketing plan are feeling the shakeup in new Google search results. Zero-click searches cause worry about losing clicks through to websites. Is Google the ideal place to connect with consumers? Even if you end up with zero clicks […]

How to Conduct a Consumer Behavioral Data Analysis

How to Conduct a Consumer Behavioral Data Analysis to Inform Your Marketing Campaigns Strengthen your community of shoppers with data sets that help to understand user behavioral dynamics at the SERP Level. Search engine marketers rely on datasets that model user behavior on a SERP that capture click behavior, consumer attention depth, and user satisfaction […]

How to Gain a Data Science Architecture to Rocket your Website

How to Structure Your Site Architecture like a Data Scientist Guru Every business needs an easy way to truly understand their web data and mobile site visitors, but does that mean you have to hire a data scientist to ask the right questions from your data? Data Science architecture is bringing ideas together that transforms […]

Indexing your Website Faster

Indexing your Website Faster with the Google Index Coverage Fixing Report With Google improving our ability to use live testing for Technical SEO fixes, and its shortened wait time for re-crawling web pages submitted to be re-indexed, you can respond to user preferences faster. All four leading search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex, are […]

Fact Check Schema Helps to Build Online Credibility

How to Implement Fact Check Schema Correctly to Build Online Credibility Schema 3.2 brought us the option to add new structured data in the form of fact-check reviews. When an individual either uses voice search or types a request for information on the Internet, search engines providing matches for the requested details, need options that […]

Fix Product Markup to Avoid Google Manual Actions

How to Test & Fix Product Markup to Avoid Google Manual Actions Web search today is focused on product information extraction, personalized searches, and customized knowledge data mining techniques that leverage schema markup implementation for better visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). Google may deem incorrectly implemented markup as an effort to mislead site […]

Industry Specific Schema Implementation Made Easy

Industry Specific Schema Implementation Made Easy Industry specific schema offers more visibility than you may think. Structure your pages with markup so that eyeballs will see it and users will click on your snippet results. This is good for SEO for multiple reasons. It is critical for search marketing professionals and business owners to review […]

Web Images Sizes for Valid JSON-LD Snippet Markup

PC and AMP Image Size for Valid JSON-LD Snippet Markup This article will help you know how to choose the best image size for rich snippets that test with valid JSON code as well as basic best practices for images used in your web pages and posts. In a recent webmaster hangout, Google’s John Mueller […]

Google Rich Cards Report to Gain Fully Enhanced Cards

How to Read your Google Search Console Rich Cards Report This year Google revamped its Rich Snippets feature called Rich Cards into three groupings: “Invalid Cards”, “Enhanceable Cards” and “Fully Enhanced Cards”. This ability to identify critical errors in your site’s cards helps SEO professionals to know right where to begin. The Google Search Console […]

Contextual Ontologies and Taxonomies Form the Base of Good UX Design

How Contextual Ontologies and Taxonomies Form the Base of Good UX Design How to Build A Website UX Structure That Offers a Great Shopper’s Experience With the buzz of a new year coming, interface experts are revealing their predictions for the coming 12 months for web and mobile prototyping, techniques for maintaining taxonomies, wireframing, and […]

Why Indepth Articles with Long-Form Content are Winning Online

Why In-depth Articles with Long-Form Content are Winning The effectiveness of long-form content articles depends much on the context. The purpose of writing is to provoke thought, discussion, and actions that lead to online sales – not to preach or bore. Today, the insanely hugely successful article is often times one with a word count […]

Google Releases New SEO Structured Data Markup

Google Releases New Structured Data Markup That Can Boost Your SEO To Soar in Search Results Today You Need Structured Data SEO! The release of Google’s Structured Data Pages update on January 13 indicates one clear message: usability and user experience come first with a focus on how clear and accessible the main content of […]

Structured Approach in Web Content Creation for User Conceptual Search

How to Use a Structured Approach in Web Content Creation for User Conceptual Search Semantically structured web pages offering a structured approach to your content creation using Natural Language Processing for site optimization can benefit from predictive data and semantic search mapping to produce excellent results in user conceptual search. Concept search gives relevant and […]

How to Gain the Benefit of Snippets in Search Results

How to Gain the Visual Boost of Rich Snippets in Search Results How does your business stand out to a crowd of shoppers? Learn how to enrich your sales efforts in search results by leveraging product data with structured schema. Get in front of potential client eyeballs with SEO tactics that have proven results. Metadata […]

Google Structured Data Update in the Search Console

Google Structured Data Update in Search Console Structured Data Markup Paints a Picture of Your Website’s Content. This structured data update is not just for search engines. If done correctly, your business will gain the benefits of optimized and more attractive search results and increase your click-through rate. Structured snippets are meant to help provide […]

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