Win Google SERP Clicks and New Customers

How to Win Google-owned SERP Clicks Many who have adhered more to an “it’s always worked” search marketing plan are feeling the shakeup in new Google search results. Zero-click searches cause worry about losing clicks through to websites. Is Google the ideal place to connect with consumers? Even if you end up with zero clicks […]

Fact Check Schema Helps to Build Online Credibility

How to Implement Fact Check Schema Correctly to Build Online Credibility Schema 3.2 brought us the option to add new structured data in the form of fact-check reviews. When an individual either uses voice search or types a request for information on the Internet, search engines providing matches for the requested details, need options that […]

Google Rich Cards Stand Out in Search to Gain Competitive Edge

Google Rich Cards Offer Visible Search Results for an Online Competitive Edge For optimal earned visibility in both PC and Mobile Google Search, results enriched through rich snippets further attract the eye of the user through the visible image. Every business needs to innovate in order to stand out in search results and maintain a […]

How to Gain the Benefit of Snippets in Search Results

How to Gain the Visual Boost of Rich Snippets in Search Results How does your business stand out to a crowd of shoppers? Learn how to enrich your sales efforts in search results by leveraging product data with structured schema. Get in front of potential client eyeballs with SEO tactics that have proven results. Metadata […]

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