Evergreen Content for a Evergreen Sales Funnel

How to Create Evergreen Content for Your Sales Funnel How do you build an evergreen sales funnel and content marketing that perpetually generates customers – use evergreen content. Find an evergreen market and then audit and craft great evergreen content for each stage in your customer’s journey to purchase. Your evergreen content may need an […]

Google Expands Video Marketing To Reach Wider Audiences

How to Maximize Your Video Marketing Efforts to Reach a Wider Audience Every business is pressed to provide it’s viewers with the best video viewing environment on their website, in AdWords display marketing, and mobile video advertising. Video is one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools in existence. That is why Google […]

Mobile Advertising Checklist: Better CTR & Conversion Rates

Moving to a mobile-first marketing focus is helping search experts to build proper bids in Google’s Money Machine, AdWords. Learn how to operate very targeted mobile marketing campaigns by evaluating your ad copy, landing pages and CTR. In the last five years, mobile marketing and in-app advertising have been successful in the forms of digital […]

Content Marketing that Incorporates a Mobile Strategy for 2019

How to Create the Best Content Marketing Mobile Strategy to Reach Ideal Clients Businesses cluing into the importance of high quality, niche-targeted content ideal for mobile audiences, find that their content marketing strategies are paying off. Unlike some marketing strategies that target a broad range of likely customers, niche marketing focuses on a specific segment […]

Google Assistant Directory Page Setup for Personalized Search

How to Personalize your Google Assistant Directory Page With the rise of voice search, personalizing your own Google Assistant Directory Page and early adoption of this structured-data powered content is allowing publishers to claim their brand new Google Actions page in the Assistant directory. Given the exploding number of ways to use the user-savvy Assistant […]

Improve Website Performance Metrics That Boost Engagement

How to Improve Website Performance for Meaningful User Engagement When it comes to SEO, change is a constant. Every year user demands and search engine’s capacity is improvised, expands, and improves. Changes to mobile search preference and algorithm updates have inspired new technologies, which in turn places more weight on website performance. On top of […]

How to Improve Your Mobile Search Results

How to Improve Your Mobile Search Results The mobile web is favored by users and of strategic importance to Google’s AMP initiative and our explosive world of Native Apps. More individuals are leaning first on their mobile devices to conduct search queries. This creates a huge need to improve your mobile search results and rankings […]

Google News Feed Propagates From User Search History

Google Improves Personalized Mobile Search by Updating its News Feed Underneath the mobile search bar, a stream of news cards specific to personal interests will be displayed. Personalized Google news is taking a new step forward as the company rolls out its redesigned Google News Feed, which is initially prepared for Android and iOS. It […]

Voice Search Skyrockets due to Rise in Mobile Queries

The Quick Rise in the Number of Voice Search Skyrockets due to More Mobile Queries Insights from experts as well as successful best practices for making your web content ready for voice search in the mobile-first world. In this article, we’ll discuss the optimization techniques you need to prioritize in order to overcome a “ranking […]

Google AMP Offers Best Mobile Page Speed

Faster Mobile Page Speed and Load Time is the Essence of Accelerated Mobile Pages Both young and seasoned mobile shoppers have high expectations today for a fast and quality mobile experience. We live in a mobile-first world where mobile page speed is key! Mobile users are looking for a great user experience – which starts […]

What is Google Now and How to Use Google Now Cards

QUESTION: What is Google Now and How to Use Google Now Cards to get in Front of Internet Buyers? ANSWER: It is the mind-reading personal assistant created for iOS and Android users; its latest updates may just transform it into the perfect smartphone and an ideal way to reach digital shoppers. “Google Now is one […]

How to Leverage Google Ads & Ad Extensions to Engage Mobile Buyers

Tips to Leverage Google Ads & Ad Extensions to Entice Mobile Buyers With the rise of the mobile-first world in paid search and organic search, “mobile marketing secrets” that are truly effective PPC optimization gems are highly sought after. Tips for using Google Ad Extensions to reach mobile buyers: With the huge popularity of mobile […]

How to Enhance Site Attributes for Google Mobile Search Algorithm

How to Enhance your Site’s Attributes for the Google Mobile Search Algorithm How well do your web pages work on smaller devices? Google continues to refine and prioritize its mobile-first search algorithm, which increases the importance of having a mobile-friendly website. If your site has become a dinosaur when it comes to a mobile experience, […]

Redesigning AdWords for Advertising to the Mobile-first World

New Google AdWords Design will favor Mobile Advertising Mobile is the hot topic in eCommerce sales right now – because it works so effectively to reach the most buyers. At the Google Performance Summit, the big news for AdWords account managers centered on statistics like, “Every year there are trillions of searches on Google.com and […]

Google Innovations for Text and Display Ads Across Devices

New Google Innovations for Text and Display Ads Across Devices During the Google Performance Summit held earlier today, Google formally announced the biggest update to the ad creatives since AdWords paid search marketing was first offered over 15 years ago. You now have more ways to encourage customers to engage your business. Both GoogleAds’ experience […]