Online Reviews Establish Business Credibility

Online reviews establish business credibility

Google My Business and leave me a Review

Businesses that have wrangled with how to manage reviews to establish business credibility, are thrilled to learn that the process just became easier.

It just got easier for business to share information with connections on Google Plus, which offers opportunities for digital lead generation. The new name does a great job of inferring the umbrella it is for current Google products all rolled under one new entity – Google My Business. Serving as a hub for Google+, Google+ Local, and Google Places, the one-stop access combines them into one easily accessible product for marketing businesses on Google.

“Honest reviews are useful for impact measurement and awards top achievers. Everyone benefits when best performers are noted for the success they generate for clients and just how they make a difference, believes Jeannie Hill, owner of Hill Web Creations. “Reviews are very powerful when posted in the right way. They help others who are looking for someone or something impact-full and that provides a choice service or product more business can benefit from.”

Google Reviews Build Business Reputations

The release answers the need that small and medium businesses and local search expert have requested for years. The new one-stop access utilizes a nifty dashboard comprised of the icons we are all familiar with:, Local Maps, Google Plus, Google Places, Google Analytics, AdWords Express, YouTube, and favored Google Hangouts. Marketers also gain easy access for managing Reviews, Insights, and Multi-location Management. Its nicely compacted My Business interface offers a single account user the streamlined capacity to service up to 100 business locations.

While that may take a marketing whiz who can juggle a large number of business in spite of My Business’s embryo stage functionality, it is a pleasure to use for a half a dozen or so business locations. Business shouldn’t think that buying reputation credibility to best way to succeed. Everyone appreciates business integrity and transparency when it comes to buyer experiences.

The new dashboard and bundled features simplifies the complexity some businesses have found with the frequent updates in Google’s Places and Plus platforms. My Business is not intended to garner up expectations it will boost a business to the top of search rankings. CNN quoted Google Expert Jen Fitzpatrick as stating, “This isn’t meant to change or influence our search rankings in any way.”

How These Updates Make On-line Reviews More Credible:

• Anonymous on-line reviews are replaced with the legitimacy of reviews placed by real people and displaying their real name, as registered when their Google Plus account was created. Reviews will be listed for the public to read, require a Google Pus account and will be displayed on it.

• This protects legitimate business from competitor spamming by posting fabricated negative reviews. Google is protecting user authenticity and making it more difficult for unethical practices, which encourages integral business practices and lessons the unnecessary hours spent countering false and harmful reviews.

• Additionally, this reduces the ease individuals found to post a review under someone else’s name, thus adding credibility to the review system.
• In the past, a reviewer only needed a Gmail account. Needing a Google Plus profile going forward to create a review will let the world see who is saying what.

• Reviews can now be posted with a business name. By logging into a Business Google Plus page, reviews can be created for business partners and vendors and tagged with the Business name versus the individual’s name that creates the review.

• Track engagement with insights for Google+ business pages and posts.

• Access information on related Google Analytics accounts and YouTube channels.

How to Build Credibility for Your Business with Online Reviews

First, get over a hesitancy due to the risks of obtaining negative reviews. “By acknowledging the dissatisfaction, appropriately apologizing and offering to mend the situation publicly, you demonstrate that your business is handled professionally”, says Inman. Recent studies indicate that 70% of all online customers look to online reviews to make buying decisions. As a business, you also establish trust and credibility with both current and potential customers that need that extra confidence to pull the purchasing trigger.

It is a good thing to relinquish tight control of on-line messaging that encompasse3s your business and personal brand. Consumers want to engage in real conversations and share their experiences with others on an open and non-threatening platform. The authenticity in these reviews can be your business’s chief asset, as long as you are equipped to participate graciously in the conversation. Making a mistake is human, owning it and taking steps to rebuild trust and please clients can be your long-term win. Business credibility has become everything in the digital world of marketing. Use these tips to establish trust and build credibility in business and embrace the process of gleaning reviews from your clients and business partners.

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Using the My Business platform efficiently benefits any Local Search strategy, beginning with reducing marketing hours. Hill Web Creations offers ongoing updates to best practices and current trends in local search that ensure client’s marketing dollars are given maximum benefits. Call Jeannie Hill at 651-206-2410.

How to Build Credibility for Your Business with Online Reviews

Online Reviews Establish Business Credibility

How to Build Credibility for Your Business with Online Reviews

June 18, 2014

Marketers also gain easy access for managing Reviews, Insights, and Multi-location Management. Learn how to use the Google Platform for reviews that build business reputations.