How to Markup Reviews, AggregateRatings, & Critic Reviews in Schema Business Review Markup

Valid Review Structured Data Markup, AggregateRatings, and Critic Reviews Review structured data markup may well be the most powerful type of schema, according to the results we monitor. However, use this form of markup with prudence; it demands a high level of accuracy. “Review Metadata” or schema helps search engines understand webpage data in a […]

How to Manage Google Business Reviews

Improved Ways to Manage Google Business Reviews Mobile ease in Getting Google Business Reviews: As digital expands its reach, users are depending on personal reviews that boost business credibility more often when making buying decisions. The mobile revolution has amplified and accelerated the power of online reviews. Having a significant number of favorable reviews is […]

Online Reviews Help Build Business Credibility and Trust

Online Reviews Establish Business Credibility Businesses that have wrangled with how to manage reviews to establish business credibility are thrilled to learn that the process just became easier. When you complete a service or sell a product to digital shoppers, always ask your clientele, “Please tell me how I am doing leaving a review.” More […]