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Minneapolis MN Local SEO Optimization Services

Minneapolis Local SEO Optimization Services for Businesses in the Twin Cities

Updated September 9, 2022

Potential Minneapolis customers are searching for your Twin Cities business online. You can be found online with Minneapolis local SEO optimization.

It is easier than ever for consumers to call you right from your Google Knowledge Graph. You can ignite digital connections to make it happen with local search optimization to meet the demands of your local clientele. Can Shoppers find your Twin Cities business from their phone? Google is making it easier than ever for people to easily chat with you about your products and services. Google’s local panel now enables consumers to chat with some businesses that enable the messaging feature in Google My Business. Previously, this option said “message” in the local panel but now Google is testing renaming it “chat”.

If you invest more in Minneapolis local SEO optimization, you can gain more in-store foot traffic.

Begin with your Google My Business listing. With Google as well as other major search engines putting more emphasis on local search users, now is the time to plan smart and fast while reanalyzing your current Local SEO strategies.

How do I create an effective local SEO optimization plan?

If your SEO is not winning new local businesses as effectively as hoped, it is time to implement a new plan of action. Winning in local search means keeping up with site ranking changes and building exceptional local content. With the increase of mobile searches, the magnitude and effectiveness of local marketing are growing very quickly. Small businesses needs SEO as much or more than ever. Without it, it is tough to compete with the big guys. Local SEO often proves to be one of your best spends for a return on investment and starts with your Google profile. You will need to track, measure, and balance your SEO budget to realize it.

Google Reveals Data Supporting Investments in Local Search Marketing

Unless you watch your Google Analytics reports and consumer trends, you may not be aware of how many in numbers and various types, that local search is impacting sales. The rise in voice search has significantly driven the number of people simply talking to their smartphone or digital assistant to find what they need.

Google local search data offers light on how powerful local search marketing is. Read the Understanding Consumers’ Local Search Behavior Research Report by Google.

Real search data backups our assessments and lays solid evidence for why your business needs to invest in Minneapolis local SEO – or whatever your location is. Individuals who use search engines to research products and services in advance of making a purchase. Then, they search for local businesses close by that they want to make the purchase. Google’s own research puts reason to action into

These local search stats drive home the reasons why:

• Four out of every five consumers rely on search engines to find local business details.

• Fifty percent of buyers who performed a local search on their mobile device walked into a store within one day, and 34 percent who searched from a desktop or tablet did as well.

• Local searches are proven sources of higher purchase volumes than searches with non-local search intent. Eighteen percent of local searches conducted on mobile devices lead to a sale within one day instead of seven percent of non-local searches.

• More than 60% of shoppers have used location business details found in ads. Survey comments indicate that it’s considered essential to have store address and phone number in ads on that both desktop and tablet viewers consume. They want to easily find store directions and like the convenience of call buttons in smartphone ads.

Align with Current Demand to Win in Minneapolis Local Search

To effectively promote your website and expect to reach local customers looking for your services, you need to think seriously about local SEO optimization among other things. Before getting started, it is important to know that robots are getting smarter, your competition is multiplying, and you cannot trick search engines any longer. We help clients like you write and optimize web content for local audiences first and not Google or other search engines. That said, the next step is ensuring that search engines can reward you in local search with results because they can understand what white hat SEO really is and your content and quickly display it. Make it easier by applying the following SEO tactics for local search.

It is important to optimize for people who are close to you. A lot pivots around the location. In terms of search, you should make sure that you are visible in local directories, what category you are in, what types of services or products you offer. When you include your longitude and latitude, search engines can better identify you and reward you in search.

You may actually be losing customers if your name, address, and phone number (NAP) are not correct and consistent. Are searchers coming off of Google Maps ending up at your warehouse instead of your storefront? Be sure that all your NAP details are correct and uniform. Users searching for local services in Minneapolis and St. Paul actually get in their cars and go and buy what they searched for. These details are easy to include in muliple types of e-Commerce Schema markup.

Unique from Organization schema markup, it is essential to add local business schema to get found by customers.

What can I do to increase my business’s local search optimization?


1. Directory Categories.

2. Pictures of your local business.

3. Online Business Reviews

4. Citations

5. Social Signals

6. Video on YouTube

7. Keywords Optimized for Local Intent

8. Google Knowledge Graph optimization

9. Minneapolis Paid Search with Google AdWords

10. Become a hub of community resources

11. Leverage your USP for Local advantage

12. Prioritize marketing budgets for mobile local searches

12 Ways To Optimize Your Minneapolis Business For Local SEOMinneapolis Local SEO Optimization Services

This compilation of more in-depth information to win in local search as a Twin Cities business is curated from every article I’ve consumed for the past few years along with my own testing and experiences in working with clients.


This begins with setting up a Google My Business account. Let searchers know whether or not you are a pizza place, a formal seafood dinner place, or an ideal quick-order restaurant for family meals. When the available categories don’t seem to offer a clear category for you, choose the one closest and then work carefully to build out the correct details within your description field. Remember that countries have a different set of valid categories you can use. Read and follow directory listing instructions carefully. Several local business directories have varying categories to choose from.

At the heart of successful local search optimization strategies is creating and optimization your Twin Cities local business listings. A local business listing gives you the benefit of an online profile that includes your business name, address, phone number, and additional details – like reviews, hours of operation, and your primary services. Literally, thousands of websites and online directories exist where local business owners are allowed to create free business listings and answer consumer questions. However, you want to be present on trusted directories like; Google+ Local, Bing Places, Internet Yellow Pages, Yelp, Minneapolis / St. Paul Magazine, Glassdoor, and Yahoo! Local.

Know which directories are most used for your industry. For example, searchers who want to find great food for a dinner out may seek restaurants listed and reviewed on Someone traveling to the Twin Cities who is searching for accommodation venues might prefer to head to on-line and search for local recommendations. It stands to reason that when looking for a trusted lawyer for a unique need, residents in the Twin Cities may be interested in reviews at* where they can search Minneapolis, MN lawyers by practice niche.

2. PICTURES of your local business:

Upload pictures of the right size that are optimized and have metadata that represent your business. If your pictures are compelling and can pull up in search, you have increased chances to be pulled up in local image searches. Include local city names in the keywords used for your image file name, as well as put them in the alt tags.

Now instead of having paid advertisements on the side, Google has switched it up, and now you will likely see Google serving seven advertisers down to four. The change will reward sites that have gone above and beyond the average business to make it easier for Google to trust its website and know better what is in its content. It is becoming even more critical that your local marketing strategies stay current with changes in algorithms. This makes it even more competitive and creates another good reason to try to gain the visibility of an image in rich snippets and SERP results. Artificial intelligence on mobile, Google Now (personal assistant), and Voice Search are moving more front and center in Local search.

The ultimate mobile search experience is changing with AMP. When you are trying to perform a local search, AMP is focused on making the local search experience easier.


Online reviews for Minneapolis businesses can affect your flow-through of clientele. With reviews showing up more in search engine result pages (SERPs) through rich snippets, there is a huge opportunity here to gain an advantage in local searches. Make sure that your call to action to write a review for your local business is not buried in your communications. Invite your patrons to share what they think. Be sure to thank your loyal clientele who takes the time to post an online review for your business.

Healthcare businesses are heavily reliant on reviews; it is best to do your own outreach overusing third-parties. There is nothing like a personal invitation for input.


Citations help build your brand footprint online. Your business authority can substantially increase in local searches. Make sure that your website is only listed in quality directories and sites for domain authority in local search. You can get into issues if trading citations with inappropriate relationships or someone that you really don’t know. Their online reputation will be associated with yours.

Build citations on trusted social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and more. Borrow their trust by being both present and active.

When someone comes to your site from a local directory or citation, confirm to viewers that you are servicing their local by having local markers on your pages. Your web pages are clearly identifiable as a local business when pages are rich with facts like your business addresses, city and county names, suburb names, historic districts, neighborhood names, zip codes, area codes, local maps and directions to your brick and mortar offices are all factors that say your business is local. Mark up this with structure data as much as you can throughout your site.


Social signals and engagement are imperative. Posts that are relevant, engage users, and have the right mobile marketing strategy can reach more consumers and gain a higher quality of trust for your business. Along with implementing the most important structured data, this can do much to build your authority in search. Details matter when building your local optimization. Google Posts can work as a social channel and get indexed quickly; they will build authority in search.

Search engines want to match the best local search results to make offer users relevant answers. You should also have geographic links that refer back to your website. You can accomplish this in part by building social media conversations and posts that are rich with local descriptions; point to your site from your social media profiles. Be active with other local businesses and strategic partners on social communities to build a strong local digital presence. Perhaps you’ll even earn affirming backlinks to your web content that covers local topics. Include location keywords in the titles of your social media titles.


YouTube is another key opportunity as video can positively impact local search. It can go along way for advertisers on a tight budget. Your text can be formatted to make a great user experience. Claim your geolocation and a unique URL to add to your tools that Google gives you for free to have a higher chance to pull up in local search. You can include call to actions, keywords, as well as much information that will help it get indexed. Google is indexing the actual video title. If your location and phone number are woven into your title, it is easier to be found in local search. YouTube is the number two search engine and can boost your presence in your geo-location.

You can “geotag” a video of your business in order to associate it with the geo-coordinates of your Twin Cities business location. How to: go into the Advanced Settings for the video within the Video Manager on YouTube. In the search field provided, enter your business address and click the Search button. Your business location is then displayed on a small popup map where you can adjust the location by dragging the pinpoint marker if needed. Once saved, YouTube converts your business location information into longitude and latitude coordinates that will be stored with the video when saved. Video marketing is a key way to build your brand presence for local audiences.


Before a significant increase in local traffic from search engines typically happens, you need to target long-tail semantic keywords combined with localization. How search engines use keywords has evolved to include intent. You need to research which search queries are best reaching your pages that offer local services and see which long-tail keywords are the best fit for your business. They work well to highlight your expertise in your business niche with added schema markup.

To do that you, there are many options in a local search professional’s toolkit. We use the Keyword Tool from Google for starts to brainstorm new keyword ideas that you can use to decide which one is most suitable for your advertising messages and content.

Content that is optimized to use the words that fit what local searchers use, and that use popular search terminology will show up more. Incorporate your keyword optimization for local searches with compelling messaging; give prospective buyers a good reason to choose your business. Schema on retail pages for mobile users also improves your chances to match queries with local intent.


The Google Knowledge Graph can offer a wealth of information usable in local search. It will pull information from your Google My Business listing. If your site has structured data markup in place correctly and is optimized with your local Twin Cities address, the Google Knowledge Graph will display your address. Even better than that, you may win a link to map directions to make it a one-click deal to drive to your local storefront.

Many of the same trust factors that help you get in knowledge panels also help your products display in different types of product carousels.


You can use a local extension in your AdWords Campaigns. You can display reviews in AdWords which generates a compelling visual to help win clicks. Adding an extension does not involve an added cost. Optimizing your AdWords PPC efforts for local puts viewers’ one click away from reaching you. This may be less applicable for display ads but, in a shopping campaign within your AdWords campaign, it can add even more details.

Optimizing your PPC for local search may narrow the number of impressions you have, but give your business the benefit of more relevant clicks. Often high converting more general keywords are quite expensive; but using long-tail keywords that include location signals, the more likely you will win visitors that relate to your local business and convert better.


Individuals who are closely connected to their neighborhood can learn more about their community and you when you amplify your local search opportunities. Create content around key community news, what is best about your community, whether it relates exactly to your products or services is secondary. Offering content that local users consume most. One example might include managing a calendar of local networking events or business-related seminars.

Leverage an equivalent of RSS magic by using a bookmarking tool like Delicious, try automating the aggregation of local news and other related community content with very little work.

Be flexible with your SEO efforts for wins in local search, track and measure when your traffic comes from. When local readers return to your website, they prove that you offer just the kind of information that both users and search engines value the most. Then you can leverage predictive data to fine-tune your new content before even posting it to win even higher rankings in local search. Remember, having a fast mobile page load speed counts.


Mobile search now exceeds desktop and laptop, so being able to win in mobile SERPs for “near me”, “by me”, or “in my area” searches. Your unique selling point (USP) might include a special offer, discount price, or create an opportunity where you share profits from sales with a local charity. Aggregate certain keywords in your tweets and posts that deliver results in local search.


Use Google MapMaker to boost your local search for mobile searches.

Add to and update your business map for your website with Google Map Maker. The Map Maker is an awesome tool that may benefit your Local SEO effort profoundly if used properly.

Local searchers that are relying on a map to lead them to a service provider rely heavily on maps if they are already traveling or out shopping. A mobile strategy is no longer nice-to-have or a tag-along to local search optimization. The shift to mobile for local searches is proven across several marketing studies. Google’s local algorithm is frequently changing to work more effectively. Meaning, that quite often what works today, might need tweaking tomorrow.

Most searches have to be focused on mobile going forward with advances in Google algorithms; it will be necessary to monitor and change your efforts in local search optimization on a regular basis. It seems that a business cannot be static. A well-integrated campaign will be necessary. Google is focused on what will serve up the most relevant results in local search. Overall marketing strategies for local search are prioritizing mobile users. Look around you and observed how many people you pass who are on their mobile phones. Cell phones are intensely integrated into everyday life and the way searchers are finding local businesses to patronize.

Maps are frequently incorporating in local directories, social media networks, and can even be pulled up in Google’s Knowledge Graph. This increases why it is important to leverage maps as they are deeply integrated part of any local search marketing plan. For example, if you search for local happenings and sales in Google, a map will typically accompany the results showing business in your area.

So does investing in local SEO really pay off in terms of reaching local consumers?

78% of Location-based Mobile Searches Result in Purchases

Is local search marketing an effective form of SEO?

Yes. Shoppers expect a certain level of contextual relevance with mobile search. Research from 2014 found that four in five U.S. smartphone users believe search ads should be customized to their city, zip code or immediate surroundings. That means that Location-based paid ads are optimal at meeting consumers’ expectations by featuring a business’s address, directions, and a phone number. By creating a local SEO strategy – one that takes the user’s location into consideration – can provide consumers with the answer that they need in the moment.

“78% of location-based mobile searches result in an offline purchase”, according to The May 4, 2014 Going Local: How Advertisers Can Extend Their Relevance With Search article. Retailers who wish to stay up to date with new local search insights and digital marketing strategies perform better by understanding the changing digital landscape.

For an example, the results obtained for the search term “Minneapolis men’s clothier” immediately prompt Google to offer the searcher a few options. You can either continue with “Including results for Minneapolis men’s clothing” or “Search only for Minneapolis.” This is the power of Google’s advancing algorithms that use search intent in addition to the actual keywords entered in the search box. Semantic search helps you win visibility in People also ask for SERPs.

What are the Payoffs of Optimizing for Visibility in Minneapolis Local Search?

Many Minneapolis area local businesses find the Google 3 pack is the most valuable and highly sought local search visibility they have working. Different from organic search, such local listings are based on unique variables – you just need to know how to use them. This is one way a small business can complete on limited marketing budgets.

Getting in the 3 Pack is just one benefit of Google Maps local marketing. The search giant has added new advertising features within its maps. You can influence your potential search placements by optimizing for them.

Having a site that is 100% SEO-friendly and offers visitors unique, optimized content can still fall short of being in Google local maps if your citation is not properly referenced on your website. Strengthen your chances at being positioned in the 3 pack.

Is the need for local SEO greater in the 2020’s?

6 Reasons Why Local SEO is Growing in Importance

1. The growth of various wearable digital devices to search from.

2. The growth in the number of local mobile searches.

3. Google favors more exacting matches which reward local, more agile businesses.

4. Google’s RankBrain algorithm is built for mobile searches.

5. New Accelerated Mobile Pages (MAP) make mobile searches even faster.

6. Overall competition in search is increasing and it increases your chances to be found.

Human Resources Budget Allocation for Local Search

Our digital marketing world has seen an influx of Local Search SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platforms surface over the last several years. They market as having different value propositions for brands with local storefront locations. Typically, this helps businesses to manage their data (Name, Address, Phone Number) from one central hub, and then add those details to various channels.

While SaaS platforms assist in local business listing management on social media and search engine channels, it doesn’t always mean that a brand gains the expected increase in local visibility in natural search results. Brand marketers often end up a bit stunned that using a SaaS platform requires a notable human resources budget to not only manage the platform on a day-to-day basis but to also consider the additional other SEO processes that a successful SEO campaign demands.

“While SaaS platforms are often presented as turnkey solutions that operate automatically with the need for little else, the aforementioned internal resource expenses still need to be factored into an overall ROI in addition to the general SaaS subscriptions and fees,” according to Andrew Beckman Chairman of Location3*

Do I Need to be Strategic when Claiming Local Citations?

Yes. Local search optimization can seem overwhelming as it is time-consuming, even for a business with just one brick-and-mortar location. Frequently business comes to us after exhausting their efforts at it. The Google Search Console is rich with reports that a savvy SEO can read and glean insights from. Local business listings need to be claimed strategically, fill out in full, and correctly to ensure you get results that equal dollars in the bank.

Whether you have one location or dozens of locations throughout the metro, we can help you claim, create, optimize and sustain all of your local business listings. For local search marketing strategies to help you significantly increase visibility in Twin Cities local searches, reach out for guidance.

We understand that marketing a small business in the Twin Cities is not quickly accomplished, nor is any small Minneapolis business the same as others in the community. So how can you leverage local search marketing for a unique small business in the Twin Cities to stand out from every other business online? To offer you a solution, we’ve designed our local search marketing to deliver results. Our clients love finding that their businesses show up in Google Rich Cards and the local pack. Feel free to copy and use the tips listed above for your personal use.

“Local SEO takes a lot of upfront work if your site and online presence aren’t yet in order. But once complete, you can get by with only periodic adjustments and moderate levels of ongoing optimization work.” – Linda Buquet

“Start by creating your Google Business Listing. Make sure your business is verified by Google. There are so many different facets of local optimization. It is more competitive. They (search engines) are making the competitiveness of paid and local results really intense.” – Molly Youngblood Geiger on Saturday Morning Marketing Smarties

“Local SEO has become one of the most important and effective strategies for businesses to gain an edge against their local competitors. Having a definitive step-by-step Local SEO strategy is key to moving on up the local SERPs.” – The Site Edge

“Unless you already have a dominant, nationally established presence on major search engines that newcomers can’t touch, or you don’t have a single physical location, local SEO is going to become a necessity if you want to achieve search engine visibility over the course of the next few years.” – Entrepreneur***

Your business can enjoy improved local search results within weeks to months. We anticipate that further digital changes ahead will favor locally optimized businesses even more. It calls for agile marketing. That means that by investing in your local search optimization, your chances to benefit from the dollars spent today will accrue new benefits for you in the future. Download our free power-packed SEO analysis checklist.

Gain other commonly asked question answers about search marketing.


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