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What is BERT SEO and Natural Language Processing?

Due to BERT, Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the new must-have ingredient in every mobile SEO campaign. You may have heard the proverb “your words determine your destiny”. Likewise, in Search Marketing, how we use words on a page matters. Google’s BERT offers insights on its organization of search results. It illustrates how the relationship […]

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How to use Google Dataset Search for Dataset Schema

Google Dataset Search: How to use Dataset Schema for Queries Updated 3.3.2021 With the expanding quantities of digital data, search marketing strategists face a growing need to make sense out of the data. Many advanced database applications are beginning to support Google Database Search. As well, SEO’s have new reports added to the Google Search […]

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Search Marketing Strategies That Successfully Lead Site Redesign

How to Define Your Search Marketing Strategies for a Site Redesign Updated 4.21.2021 Experience tells us that high-level strategic thinking, research, and search marketing pre-planning is of particular importance to websites before ever building them or embarking on a re-design. Results-driven Website redesigns that begin with proven search marketing strategies have happier clients in the […]

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How Search Intent is Reshaping Consumer Journey Mapping

Search Intent is Reshaping Consumer Journey Mapping Digital marketing changes most when it comes to the marketing funnel and purchase journey. Consumers have moved past a linear path from awareness to consideration to purchase. They are distilling and broadening their purchase process in unique and unpredictable mobile moments. More than ever prospective buyers are relying […]

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How to use Informational Long Tail Keywords

How to use Informational Long-Tail Keywords To Drive Web Traffic Updated SEO tactics that target and marking up possible long-tail keyword phrases will help your website gain better visibility in search results where you want it most. Use them for a better way to connect with potential buyers. Search marketers are asking themselves if long […]

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Contextual Ontologies and Taxonomies Form the Base of Good UX Design

How Contextual Ontologies and Taxonomies Form the Base of Good UX Design Updated 8.30.2021 How to Build A Website UX Structure That Offers a Great Shopper’s Experience With the buzz of a new year coming, interface experts are revealing their predictions for the coming 12 months for web and mobile prototyping, techniques for maintaining taxonomies, […]

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Structured Approach in Web Content Creation for User Conceptual Search

How to Use a Structured Approach in Web Content Creation for User Conceptual Search Updated 7.19.2021 Semantically structured web pages offering a structured approach to your content creation using Natural Language Processing for site optimization can benefit from predictive data and semantic search mapping to produce excellent results in user conceptual search. Concept search gives […]

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Benefits That Semantic Search Brings to Digital Marketing

How You Can Benefit From Semantic Search Updated 1.28.2021 Semantic enrichment gives data more meaning, making it more easily discoverable by both users and search engines. Semantic search is changing the way digital marketing should be performed; gain the benefits of semantic search today! Google means to be an “Answer Engine,” trying to provide those […]

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Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords in Web Content

Shoud you Use Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords in Web Content? Updated 9.30.2020 How businesses use keywords to write effective web content to add value to users conducting Internet searches has vastly changed. Breakthrough “semantic search” tactics are already doing a summersault on many Google™’s search results. If you want visibility online, yesterday’s SEO techniques won’t […]

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Predictive Search Can Match Search Queries to User Intent

How Google Predictive Search Answers What Internet Users Want Updated 7.19.2021 Connect with Internet Users of any age, anywhere & anytime of day. Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) predicted by computer algorithms based on searches from previous users, offer better answers to Internet search queries. GoogleBot continually gets even smarter when resolving both paid PPC […]