How Search Intent Shapes Consumer Journey Mapping

Search Intent is Reshaping Consumer Journey Mapping Digital marketing changes most when it comes to the marketing funnel and purchase journey. Consumers have moved past a linear path from awareness to consideration to purchase. They are distilling and broadening their purchase process in unique and unpredictable mobile moments. More than ever prospective buyers are relying […]

Conversational AI and the Rise of Chatbots

Conversational AI and the Adoption of Chatbots are Disrupting Search Amid the entire buzz about voice search comes along another digital marketplace disruptor: Digital Assistants. Indeed, voice search is disrupting the world of text-based searches, but it is only part of the larger shift on how businesses need to think about communications with current clients […]

Customer-Centric Engagement Strategies for User-focused Content

User-Engagement Strategies that Drive Customer-Centric Marketing Rapidly evolving consumer requirements and search engines’ intense dedication to producing trusted answers that meet search intent, means that businesses are forced to get laser-focused on what users want and how they make buying decisions. It is all about meeting the customer’s needs. This article will answer how you […]

SEO Social Media Marketing Strategies

Why SEO Hubs Social Media Marketing: Advanced Social Strategies Your social media marketing strategy is the backbone to scheduling standout content that people on social media platforms want to engage with. More recently, social and retail are merging with the vast expanse of new ‘buy now’ functionality in social content. Social media needs to be […]

Google Expands Video Marketing To Reach Wider Audiences

How to Maximize Your Video Marketing Efforts to Reach a Wider Audience Every business is pressed to provide it’s viewers with the best video viewing environment on their website, in AdWords display marketing, and mobile video advertising. Video is one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools in existence. That is why Google […]

Mobile Advertising Checklist: Better CTR & Conversion Rates

Moving to a mobile-first marketing focus is helping search experts to build proper bids in Google’s Money Machine, AdWords. Learn how to operate very targeted mobile marketing campaigns by evaluating your ad copy, landing pages and CTR. In the last five years, mobile marketing and in-app advertising have been successful in the forms of digital […]

Is SEO Effective? Changes in SEO Best Practices

Is SEO Effective? Results-Driven Search Marketing Trends in 2018 SEO and SEM specialists continually refine their SEO techniquesearch marketing strategiesn user engagement and find that SEO is the Gift that Keeps Giving! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another angle and effective method to try and increase brand awareness and relevant traffic on your site. Whether […]

Content Marketing that Incorporates a Mobile Strategy for 2019

How to Create the Best Content Marketing Mobile Strategy to Reach Ideal Clients Businesses cluing into the importance of high quality, niche-targeted content ideal for mobile audiences, find that their content marketing strategies are paying off. Unlike some marketing strategies that target a broad range of likely customers, niche marketing focuses on a specific segment […]

Google Assistant Directory Page Setup for Personalized Search

How to Personalize your Google Assistant Directory Page With the rise of voice search, personalizing your own Google Assistant Directory Page and early adoption of this structured-data powered content is allowing publishers to claim their brand new Google Actions page in the Assistant directory. Given the exploding number of ways to use the user-savvy Assistant […]

Improve Website Performance Metrics That Boost Engagement

How to Improve Website Performance for Meaningful User Engagement When it comes to SEO, change is a constant. Every year user demands and search engine’s capacity is improvised, expands, and improves. Changes to mobile search preference and algorithm updates have inspired new technologies, which in turn places more weight on website performance. On top of […]

Google Maps Marketing to Promote Your Business

How to Use Google Maps Marketing to Promote Your Minneapolis Business Learn how to create a powerful Google Maps Marketing Strategy and use it in your marketing arsenal. From optimizing your Google My Business Listing to adding compelling images, business promotions, and responding to client reviews, you can boost sales. Start with location-rich content. We […]

How to Improve Your Mobile Search Results

How to Improve Your Mobile Search Results The mobile web is favored by users and of strategic importance to Google’s AMP initiative and our explosive world of Native Apps. More individuals are leaning first on their mobile devices to conduct search queries. This creates a huge need to improve your mobile search results and rankings […]

Indexing your Website Faster

Indexing your Website Faster with the Google Index Coverage Fixing Report With Google improving our ability to use live testing for Technical SEO fixes, and its shortened wait time for re-crawling web pages submitted to be re-indexed, you can respond to user preferences faster. All four leading search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex, are […]

Conduct Deep Learning Optimization to Meet User Intent

How to Conduct Deep Learning Optimization to Meet User Intent To align with where search trends in deep learning, start by having a user-focused approach to what should be on your web pages. Artificial Intelligence and deep learning are quickly changing how industries like healthcare and financial services are successful in the online space. Deep […]

Solving E-Commerce Website SEO Technical Issues

Solving SEO ECommerce Site Technical Issues with an Audit We have found that the SEO of most E-commerce sites is poor at best and has a tremendous amount to gain from a retailer SEO technical site audit. But that can be good for your business. You can take a lead with the right digital marketing […]

Industry Specific Schema Implementation Made Easy

Industry Specific Schema Implementation Made Easy Industry specific schema offers more visibility than you may think. Structure your pages with markup so that eyeballs will see it and users will click on your snippet results. This is good for SEO for multiple reasons. It is critical for search marketing professionals and business owners to review […]

Google Rich Cards Report to Gain Fully Enhanced Cards

How to Read your Google Search Console Rich Cards Report This year Google revamped its Rich Snippets feature called Rich Cards into three groupings: “Invalid Cards”, “Enhanceable Cards” and “Fully Enhanced Cards”. This ability to identify critical errors in your site’s cards helps SEO professionals to know right where to begin. The Google Search Console […]

Contextual Ontologies and Taxonomies Form the Base of Good UX Design

How Contextual Ontologies and Taxonomies Form the Base of Good UX Design How to Build A Website UX Structure That Offers a Great Shopper’s Experience With the buzz of a new year coming, interface experts are revealing their predictions for the coming 12 months for web and mobile prototyping, techniques for maintaining taxonomies, wireframing, and […]

Why Indepth Articles with Long-Form Content are Winning Online

Why In-depth Articles with Long-Form Content are Winning The effectiveness of long-form content articles depends much on the context. The purpose of writing is to provoke thought, discussion, and actions that lead to online sales – not to preach or bore. Today, the insanely hugely successful in-depth articles are oftentimes those with a word count […]

Google Releases New SEO Structured Data Markup

Google Releases New Structured Data Markup That Can Boost Your SEO To Soar in Search Results Today You Need Structured Data SEO! The release of Google’s Structured Data Pages update on January 13 indicates one clear message: usability and user experience come first with a focus on how clear and accessible the main content of […]

Cloud Market and Artificial Intelligence Shape Search Trends

How the Google Cloud Market and Artificial Intelligence are Shaping Search Trends Small businesses may be balking at what SEO means as they prepare budget plans for next year. Gain knowledge as to what happenings in the cloud market and AI are most likely to shape which marketing strategies will be successful in the coming […]

Is SEO Vital to Small Businesses for Winning New Customers?

Is SEO Vital for Small Businesses to Win New Online Customers? QUESTION: Is SEO Worth the Time, Effort and Dollars for Small Businesses in 2017? The answer is in the quality of your SEO. Marketing trends, algorithms, what users want, and technology are moving at breakneck speed. Human behavior is largely unpredictable. What it takes […]

Optimize Your GMB Listing to Gain Increased Traffic

How to Create a Google Business Listing that Increases Local In-Store Foot Traffic Your Google My Business Listing is a core aspect of local search optimization. Google offers this opportunity free of charge; you just need it set up correctly and monitor it for opportunities to improve. Tips to optimize your GMB Listing to gain […]

Structured Approach in Web Content Creation for User Conceptual Search

How to Use a Structured Approach in Web Content Creation for User Conceptual Search Semantically structured web pages offering a structured approach to your content creation using Natural Language Processing for site optimization can benefit from predictive data and semantic search mapping to produce excellent results in user conceptual search. Concept search gives relevant and […]

What is Google Now and How to Use Google Now Cards

QUESTION: What is Google Now and How to Use Google Now Cards to get in Front of Internet Buyers? ANSWER: It is the mind-reading personal assistant created for iOS and Android users; its latest updates may just transform it into the perfect smartphone and an ideal way to reach digital shoppers. “Google Now is one […]

Why Combining Earned SEO and Paid Search Team Efforts Pays

Benefits of Combining Earned SEO and Paid Search If your site has deep success in earned SEO and your approach to paid search seemed isolated from it, both should share the same focus – solutions found in search that match user intent. We find at least 5 reasons why your business should consider running a […]

Google Rich Cards Stand Out in Search to Gain Competitive Edge

Google Rich Cards Offer Visible Search Results for an Online Competitive Edge To stand out search results competitively in both PC and Mobile Google Search, results enriched through rich snippets further attract the eye of the user through the visible image. Every business needs to innovate in order to stand out in search results and […]

Medical Search Technology Relies on Google Alphabet and Big Data

Medical Search Technology Relies on Google Alphabet and Big Data The U.S. is learning more as to how artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning play a major role in shaping daily life; apparently Google regards searches around medical symptoms as significant. Engagement of medical search technology is rapidly expanding, as is new forms of […]

SEO Techniques Engage Site Visitors by Using Artificial Intelligence

2019 SEO Techniques To Engage Site Visitors by Using Artificial Intelligence News of Google’s RankBrain, the new artificial intelligence machine learning algorithm that is the latest and trendiest from Mountain View, California is changing SEO’s future. Learn how using Artificial Intelligence can improve your web ontologies structure and site rankings. This necessitates a fresh look […]

Google Search Console and its Top Beginner SEO Tools

How to Use the Google Search Console to Complete SEO Tasks Is Your Website Highly Optimized to Welcome Visitors with Open Arms? The Google Search Console is provided to businesses free and has a wealth of tools that help decipher site ranking updates. Most SEO and SEM professionals have a whole pack of tools they […]

Guide to SEO Google Ranking Changes and 15 Search Strategies

A Guide to SEO Google Ranking Factors for Digital Marketing Success The ultimate goal of all SEO efforts is to generate online leads and make money. It is important to understand how Google crawls a website, and decides to rank its content. What’s Your SEO strategy to Keep Up in Google Search Amidst Google Ranking […]

Gain Authoritative site Backlinks to Build Domain Authority

QUESTION: Is a Healthy Backlink Profile Critical to Build Domain Authority? ANSWER: It is hard to win sufficient exposure in search results before your business gains a high enough Google TrustRank. Every site needs authoritative site backlinks. There are many factors that directly influence a site’s Google authority including the domain, quantity and quality of […]

Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords in Web Content

How to Use Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords in Web Content How businesses use keywords to write effective web content to add value to users conducting Internet searches has vastly changed. Breakthrough “semantic search” tactics are already doing a summersault on many Google™’s search results. If you want visibility online, yesterday’s SEO techniques won’t make it […]

Google Analytics Search Engine Optimization Reports

Google Analytics Search Engine Optimization Reports For SEM Experts Casey Carey, Director of Google Analytics Marketing just announced the new Google Analytics 360 Suite. Available at the enterprise level, it is ideal for A/B testing allowing search engine optimization of the user experience and has behavioral targeting capabilities enabling SEO personalization on AMP pages. Whether […]

Minneapolis MN Local SEO Optimization Services

Minneapolis Local SEO Optimization Services for Businesses in the Twin Cities Potential Minneapolis customers are searching for your Twin Cities business online. You can be found online with Minneapolis local SEO optimization. You can ignite digital connections to make it happen with local search optimization to meet the demands of your local clientele. Can Shoppers […]

How Google Crawls Your Website and Indexes

How Google Crawls your Website’s AMP pages, JavaScript and AJAX A huge “step” forward in how Google “crawls” Ajax content! Google is the best in the world at crawling content within JavaScript and AJAX. However, they are still perfecting it. Do you find it’s a battleground getting your site crawled? Google has changed its way […]

Predictive Search Can Match Search Queries to User Intent

How Google Predictive Search Answers What Internet Users Want Connect with Internet Users of any age, anywhere & anytime of day. Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) predicted by computer algorithms based on searches from previous users, offer better answers to Internet search queries. GoogleBot continually gets even smarter when resolving both paid PPC advertising and […]

MN Search Summit 2015 Empowers SEM Experts

MN Search Summit 2015 Helps SEM Experts Learn Top Google Analytics Tactics The MNSearch Summit is the event to attend when you want to learn all things SEO and Google Analytics related from the industry’s best speakers. Our MnSearch Summit is a one-day marketing conference that draws national SEO and SEM experts together for an […]

10 Key Types of Website Audits and Strategic Mapping

12 Key Types of Website Audits and Strategic Mapping Your business website is live and driving revenue, but you want more lead conversions. The next step every business website owner should engage in is a set of in-depth audits that will result in clear action plans to improve search engine optimization. Investing in a professional […]

Benefits of Google Knowledge Graph and SERPs Featured Snippets

Impact of Google Knowledge Graph and SERPs Featured Snippets Google’s latest SERP enhancements, commonly known as “SERP features,” not only include the now-omnipresent answer boxes which answer a search query directly in the SERPs but also encompass a wide range of enhancements, rich elements in the Google Knowledge Graph. After conducting extensive marketing research and […]