How to use Google Dataset Search for Dataset Schema

Google Dataset Search: How to use Dataset Schema for Queries With the expanding quantities of digital data, search marketing strategists face a growing need to make sense out of the data. Many advanced database applications are beginning to support Google Database Search. As well, SEO’s have new reports added to the Google Search Console in […]

Win Google SERP Clicks and New Customers

How to Win Google-owned SERP Clicks Many who have adhered more to an “it’s always worked” search marketing plan are feeling the shakeup in new Google search results. Zero-click searches cause worry about losing clicks through to websites. Is Google the ideal place to connect with consumers? Even if you end up with zero clicks […]

Google Assistant Directory Page Setup for Personalized Search

How to Personalize your Google Assistant Directory Page With the rise of voice search, personalizing your own Google Assistant Directory Page and early adoption of this structured-data powered content is allowing publishers to claim their brand new Google Actions page in the Assistant directory. Given the exploding number of ways to use the user-savvy Assistant […]

Google Maps Marketing to Promote Your Business

How to Use Google Maps Marketing to Promote Your Minneapolis Business Learn how to create a powerful Google Maps Marketing Strategy and use it in your marketing arsenal. From optimizing your Google My Business Listing to adding compelling images, business promotions, and responding to client reviews, you can boost sales. Start with location-rich content. We […]

Google News Feed Propagates From User Search History

Google Improves Personalized Mobile Search by Updating its News Feed Underneath the mobile search bar, a stream of news cards specific to personal interests will be displayed. Personalized Google news is taking a new step forward as the company rolls out its redesigned Google News Feed, which is initially prepared for Android and iOS. It […]

Fix Product Markup to Avoid Google Manual Actions

How to Test & Fix Product Markup to Avoid Google Manual Actions Web search today is focused on product information extraction, personalized searches, and customized knowledge data mining techniques that leverage schema markup implementation for better visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). Google may deem incorrectly implemented markup as an effort to mislead site […]

Google Rich Cards Report to Gain Fully Enhanced Cards

How to Read your Google Search Console Rich Cards Report This year Google revamped its Rich Snippets feature called Rich Cards into three groupings: “Invalid Cards”, “Enhanceable Cards” and “Fully Enhanced Cards”. This ability to identify critical errors in your site’s cards helps SEO professionals to know right where to begin. The Google Search Console […]

Cloud Market and Artificial Intelligence Shape Search Trends

How the Google Cloud Market and Artificial Intelligence are Shaping Search Trends Small businesses may be balking at what SEO means as they prepare budget plans for next year. Gain knowledge as to what happenings in the cloud market and AI are most likely to shape which marketing strategies will be successful in the coming […]

Optimize Your GMB Listing to Gain Increased Traffic

How to Create a Google Business Listing that Increases Local In-Store Foot Traffic Your Google My Business Listing is a core aspect of local search optimization. Google offers this opportunity free of charge; you just need it set up correctly and monitor it for opportunities to improve. Tips to optimize your GMB Listing to gain […]

Google AMP Offers Best Mobile Page Speed

Faster Mobile Page Speed and Load Time is the Essence of Accelerated Mobile Pages Both young and seasoned mobile shoppers have high expectations today for a fast and quality mobile experience. We live in a mobile-first world where mobile page speed is key! Mobile users are looking for a great user experience – which starts […]

What is Google Now and How to Use Google Now Cards

QUESTION: What is Google Now and How to Use Google Now Cards to get in Front of Internet Buyers? ANSWER: It is the mind-reading personal assistant created for iOS and Android users; its latest updates may just transform it into the perfect smartphone and an ideal way to reach digital shoppers. “Google Now is one […]

Medical Search Technology Relies on Google Alphabet and Big Data

Medical Search Technology Relies on Google Alphabet and Big Data The U.S. is learning more as to how artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning play a major role in shaping daily life; apparently Google regards searches around medical symptoms as significant. Engagement of medical search technology is rapidly expanding, as is new forms of […]

John Mueller Talks about links Website Ranking Factors

John Mueller: Links and Website Ranking Factors Links are a means of transportation to your web pages. There is much talk about the role of backlinks in SEO and how to establish a successful long-term link building strategy – and the reason is that getting it right is so important. Getting it wrong may mean […]

Google Search Console and its Top Beginner SEO Tools

How to Use the Google Search Console to Complete SEO Tasks Is Your Website Highly Optimized to Welcome Visitors with Open Arms? The Google Search Console is provided to businesses free and has a wealth of tools that help decipher site ranking updates. Most SEO and SEM professionals have a whole pack of tools they […]

How to Manage Google Business Reviews

Improved Ways to Manage Google Business Reviews Mobile ease in Getting Google Business Reviews: As digital expands its reach, users are depending on personal reviews that boost business credibility more often when making buying decisions. The mobile revolution has amplified and accelerated the power of online reviews. Having a significant number of favorable reviews is […]

Guide to SEO Google Ranking Changes and 15 Search Strategies

A Guide to SEO Google Ranking Factors for Digital Marketing Success The ultimate goal of all SEO efforts is to generate online leads and make money. It is important to understand how Google crawls a website, and decides to rank its content. What’s Your SEO strategy to Keep Up in Google Search Amidst Google Ranking […]

Internet Users Privacy Impacts Google Analytics Not-Set

Internet Users Privacy Impacts Google Analytics Not-Set Data You may have heard the clamor by numerous Minneapolis digital experts and nation SEO’s who found a larger portion of their data shift to “not set” in Google Analytics Search Engine Optimization Report. User Privacy Choices Drives Increase in Google Analytics not set. We all know that […]

Google Analytics Search Engine Optimization Reports

Google Analytics Search Engine Optimization Reports For SEM Experts Casey Carey, Director of Google Analytics Marketing just announced the new Google Analytics 360 Suite. Available at the enterprise level, it is ideal for A/B testing allowing search engine optimization of the user experience and has behavioral targeting capabilities enabling SEO personalization on AMP pages. Whether […]

How Google Crawls Your Website and Indexes

How Google Crawls your Website’s AMP pages, JavaScript and AJAX A huge “step” forward in how Google “crawls” Ajax content! Google is the best in the world at crawling content within JavaScript and AJAX. However, they are still perfecting it. Do you find it’s a battleground getting your site crawled? Google has changed its way […]

New AdWords Features for PPC Advertising

New AdWords Features for PPC Advertising Learn the latest strategies for how to win more conversions with Google Marketing Options The primary goal of most paid search campaigns is to drive lead conversions and customers. Optimize your Google AdWords account with the newly added features made available recently to make this more often the case […]

John Giannandrea New Head of Google Search Machine Learning

Ben Gomes Assumes Role Leading Google Search After two years of being the executive leading Google’s search and artificial intelligence units, John Giannandrea’s role will now be shared by two executives: Jeff Dean, the co-founder of Google Brain, one of the company’s AI research arms. Google’s major Deep Mind AI purchase for $600 million in […]

Google Algorithm Updates Impact SEO Tactics

Google Algorithm Updates Impact SEO Tactics Google’s next algorithm update is more about “them” and less about “you”. The search giant recognizes that when marketing shouts about the business itself, it isn’t as user friendly. Marketers are closing watching for the latest Google Algorithm updates to Panda. What we do know, is that Google is […]

Google Structured Data Update in the Search Console

Google Structured Data Update in Search Console Structured Data Markup Paints a Picture of Your Website’s Content. This structured data update is not just for search engines. If done correctly, your business will gain the benefits of optimized and more attractive search results and increase your click-through rate. Structured snippets are meant to help provide […]

How to Leverage Predictive Analytics for Qualified Leads

How to Leverage Predictive Analytics for Qualified Leads Don’t be left lost in a world of spinning predictive data. Learn how Predictive Analytics can be integrated into your lead generation strategies for increased sales. This article is meant to help you know how predictive analytics stir up leads and what you can do to convert […]

Predictive Search Can Match Search Queries to User Intent

How Google Predictive Search Answers What Internet Users Want Connect with Internet Users of any age, anywhere & anytime of day. Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) predicted by computer algorithms based on searches from previous users, offer better answers to Internet search queries. GoogleBot continually gets even smarter when resolving both paid PPC advertising and […]

Benefits of Google Knowledge Graph and SERPs Featured Snippets

Impact of Google Knowledge Graph and SERPs Featured Snippets Google’s latest SERP enhancements, commonly known as “SERP features,” not only include the now-omnipresent answer boxes which answer a search query directly in the SERPs but also encompass a wide range of enhancements, rich elements in the Google Knowledge Graph. After conducting extensive marketing research and […]

New Google Panda 4.1 Update Explained by John Mueller

Google Panda Updates Dominate World of SEO News John Mueller Explains the Google Panda Algorithm Change Important changes have been made with Panda, and it affects how Google utilizes it going forward. Google’s and John Mueller and Gary Illyes are great at responding to such chatter on the subject on Twitter and Google hangouts. The […]

Utilize the Best Features of Google Plus

How to Take Advantage of the Best Features of Google Plus By simply creating a Google+ profile, businesses have been able to claim additional control over their information on Google Plus. New Shut-Down Announcement from Google “We’ve recently determined that some users were impacted by a software update introduced in November that contained a bug […]