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Conversational AI and the Rise of Chatbots

Conversational AI and the Adoption of Chatbots are Disrupting Search Amid the entire buzz about voice search comes along another digital marketplace disruptor: Digital Assistants. Indeed, voice search is disrupting the world of text-based searches, but it is only part of the larger shift on how businesses need to think about communications with current clients […]

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Google Assistant Directory Page Setup for Personalized Search

How to Personalize your Google Assistant Directory Page With the rise of voice search, personalizing your own Google Assistant Directory Page and early adoption of this structured-data powered content is allowing publishers to claim their brand new Google Actions page in the Assistant directory. Given the exploding number of ways to use the user-savvy Assistant […]

Artificial Intelligence Mobile Advertising Voice Search

Voice Search Skyrockets due to Rise in Mobile Queries

The Quick Rise in the Number of Voice Search Skyrockets due to More Mobile Queries Insights from experts as well as successful best practices for making your web content ready for voice search in the mobile-first world. In this article, we’ll discuss the optimization techniques you need to prioritize in order to overcome a “ranking […]