SEO Website Audit Improves Visibility in Search

SEO Website Audit Report Improves Visibility in Search

SEO Website Audits are popular because they are immensely revealing of giant leaps forward in SERPs (search engine results). It can be surprising just how many items need to be fixed and empower you to increase your site’s health and optimized web content.


Likely your website is the center of garnering business leads. For you to be found in an online search by your ideal viewers, it must first be search engine optimized (SEO). Newer to many small business owners seeking SEO help, is the need for SEO Schema Markup Website Audits. If SEO is an area of mystery to you, or you are unsure of your website’s present SEO strength, you need a foundational understanding of your current SEO situation and use of SEO tactics. So let’s start with a simple definition

What is an SEO website audit?

A professional SEO website audit is a critical, skilled service that diagnoses the performance capabilities of your web pages to see whether they are achieving maximum user value and search visibility.

As your Search engine optimization (SEO) specialist, we will perform a comprehensive analysis of your business’s website and craft a report summarizing both your SEO strengths and weaknesses, along with existing technical issues. After resolved, you will be better positioned to engage insights of where you can increase your conversions by a competitor and keyword analysis.

SEO can seem complex and confusing unless you live in that world long enough to become comfortable with its terminology and continual updates. You don’t need to learn how to do it yourself. When you hire a specialist, look for someone with proven SEO techniques.

What is meant by organic search results?

The phrase organic search results refers to the listings on a search engine results page. Commonly known as SERP for easy reference, they predominantly appear because of multiple search factors. How Google search works include things like relevance to the search term, your site’s authority, and business’s trust level. Ethical and smart search engine optimization efforts provide free web traffic rather than sourced from search engine marketing (SEM) or trickery.

What is the Top Benefit of an SEO Website Audit?

Search engines cannot see what is visible on your site, they need a specific structure to understand what your website is about in order to display it in search engine results. SEO audits help you fix site errors and make improvements that lead to conversions and revenue. People who search for a relevant phrase, or if searching for a specific answer, have a chance to be sent to your website. After implementing suggestions from your website audit, set up on-going SEO progress reports to view improvements in your website’s performance. You have better chances upon your SEO website diagnostic project’s completion, if the technical SEO check is correctly done for you.

Whether you are an SEO novice, or are simply too busy running your business to stay current with SEO standards, gain a top-level analysis of your website that highlights key elements needing improvement. You can relax and know the job is correctly handled while we improve your website’s on-page and off-page elements. In your business is selling anything online, we’ll check your product schema markup for you.

What is a Web Presence Audit?

A web presence audit can be defined as the work of a search marketing expert to decipher all points of a company’s presence on the Internet. It includes known entities like its business objectives, governance, risk management, core products and services, and compliance (GRC) needs. To ensure the audit’s integrity, they are often completed as part of an information retrial audit by a professional SEO agency or an internal audit team.

We can be your professional go-to SEO technology audit to help you protect your investments on the Web.

How Important is Organic Search for Business Growth?

Google’s true market share of organic search was 97% in 2019. That is huge!

The value of SEO, guidelines, and rules will continually evolve. That is largely because people’s shopping and search habits and preferences change. SEO factors evolve but what always remains true is that the best product and customer service will always win target audience engagement. Search marketing research and optimization is about gaining that win and keeping it. For many companies, organic search is the source of their incoming digital leads and ultimately sustains and grows revenue. Organic traffic is important because it can reach your target audience. People who visit your website after finding you from a search engine’s organic results have a specific intent. If you can satisfy them with the solution or answer they are searching for, they are more likely to convert.

The data chart above doesn’t include mobile apps, as this dataset is currently not measurable by the source. Because the data in the circle graph only assess browser-based search data, Rand felt certain that if Google Maps App, Google Search App, and YouTube users are included, that indicates that 97% of all Internet users rely on Google when searching for products, services, and answers.

Eric Engie of Perficient Digital talks about how many individuals are under the fast assumption that paid search is bigger than organic in 2019. Additionally, too many things that today’s Internet users don’t recognize a paid ad from organic results. His opinion is that “They’re being fooled. The reality is that today we still see an 11 to 1 disparity in favor of organic traffic over paid traffic.

His August 15, 2019 article, Eric Enge and Rand Fishkin Debunk the Biggest Myths in Search, co-authored with Rand Fishkin concludes that “as people get used to the new display of ads, they click on them less and click on organic more”.

Before Building a New Website: Conduct A Competitive and Search Terms Audit

Begin by establishing your business goals, key performance indicators (KPI’s), and what your users’ want. Then learn what search terms they use to find a business like yours, and the level of competition you must outperform for your SEO to rank well with Google.

We help clients understand their competition and how to get actionable strategies out of the research conducted to discover viable keywords and how stiff the competitive arena is on them.

When it comes to building a growth machine with your digital presence, sometimes it comes down to setting the right foundation for your website’s SEO. That’s why we shifted our model to start providing our clients a solid marketing website audit before we start with any type of retainer. No worries if you think this involves a long-term commitment. Rather, it empowers you with something to build right from going forward (even if you choose not to work with an agency). That said, search marketing does take a long-term dedicated commitment.

Some folks ask us if SEO is still effective? The answer is “Yes”, more than ever. First, understand what SEO really is. This gives you the benefits of a game plan that comes with key learnings discovered during your SEO Website audit and technical review. If this is an investment you need, read on.

We offer different types of website audits to match any budget. All of them are designed to fix problems, find opportunities, and provide management teams with a consultation to gain results that matter.

Website Audits Can Build Vital Trust in 2 Digital Spaces

Your website SEO technical audit and user flow analysis can remove unwanted under the surface “tangles” that could be challenging both forms of trust.

1. Visitors that arrive on your website – Hopefully visitors stay long enough to consume your web content, go on to another page, click to download something or contact you. Search engines are trying to send searchers to the content they are seeking. So users are the ones your website is created for (not search engines). Search engines can bring you these visitors who are searching for your business products and services when you have SEO optimized your website correctly. Additionally, you need to keep your Google Business Profile current and in tip-top shape. People tend to regard the top search results as deserving of their trust. And rightly so, it takes doing things right to get there.

2. Your business brand must earn trust from Google and other search engines. The search engines’ responsibility is to know first that your business and web pages awarded a presence in SERPs actually deserve that “win”. They take many cues from your history and how past users responded when sent to your site. So that is why I put user trust first in this list, as it may very well have a direct correlation with the trust GoogleBot puts in it.

Brands gain Google’s trust in a number of ways, involving aspects from back-end SEO technical setup – to content promotion – to user actions. Ideally, you want your business to be known and trusted as a thought leader and subject matter expert in your business vertical.

8 Additional Goals of an SEO Website Audit

1. Ways to Save Money: spend the time you are investing in content curation with better knowledge.

2. Optimize ROI: ways to improve your website’s performance through higher conversions and clear-cut ROI metrics.

3. Ways to win over your competition: a current and clear plan with leading strategies for developing and maintaining a superior web presence that makes your business heads above competitive sites.

4. Find and eliminate technical issues that impact SEO.

5. Better access for GoogleBot to crawl your website.

6. Page-by-page knowledge of how your content is structured, displayed and maintained.

7. Reveal strategy to improve optimization for local search.

8. Increase your SEO presence in markets that matter.

Who needs a Site Audit

• Businesses who have never had their website optimized

• Businesses who find their current SEO is outdated

• Businesses who endeavor to win more in search visibility

• Businesses with goals to increase conversion rate optimization

• Any senior executive wanting to improve their organization’s digital marketing performance

While you may not have made any egregious messes in creating code or content for your site, most humans make “oopsies” every once in a while. It is amazing how little adjustments can add up to big wins in search optimization. You will gain smart and more complex behind-the-scenes strategies that will make your website work more efficiently.

How a Website Audit is conducted

The process begins with a discovery to clarify your objectives, buyer personas, and what media channels reach them. This briefing is key to knowing your business so we can deliver a top-level service; it is the foundation for all quality checks and progress. An SEO specialist will conduct a top-level analysis of your website and produce a report outlining:

• Existing weakness on your website that can be optimize

• Existing strengths your business has on-line that can be built upon

• Existing technical issues your website is experiencing

• A basic evaluation of how your site is underperforming compared to your competitors

• Changes that can be made to improve site content with improved keyword positioning

• Test site architecture and use of internal linking

• The diversity of your website’s link profile

• Your page load score to determine if your site may benefit from code optimizations to make it faster

• Find the status of 301 and 302 redirects and any accidental redirects

• Test to see if your site is compatible across different browsers

• Test to see how well your e-Commerce website performs on mobile

• Review the success of organic landing pages

• Test pages for sufficient rich, unique, relevant, and unique content that answers your audience’s questions.

How your site preforms in mobile search and much more

How your Website SEO Audit Will Help

This report will be delivered in an easy-to-read PDF format and provide you with a basic understanding of your current SEO scenario. A site audit is a valuable informational service that points to actions that you can benefit from. It can be called the “x-ray” that leads to diagnosing the steps that can be taken to transform your site into an inbound lead generation tool. After you have improved a page, let your target audience know by creating a new Google Post.

With more and more business transactions beginning and ending online, once your website is compelling and easy to navigate both you and the viewer benefit. When it integrates with your full marketing efforts, it will:

Site audits, reviewing existing marketing strategies, and finding elements to fix mean that you can create a solid ground for new online visibility. Most businesses find that a site audit is an excellent investment that leads to easy to obtain wins (and averted disasters). The outcomes of your website audit will be based on structured analysis, our years of site audit experience, and the unique goals you set forth.

Many business owners are passionate about their work and already have priorities for their day and busy workloads for in-house staff. Hill Web Creations can partner with to and provide worthy time investments to catch any website issues early before they grow into a hindrance. Additionally, get on schedule for regular small audits to keep your site in tip-top shape.

Rating Your Website’s Overall Performance

When a new web page or blog post is created, typically the effort goes into the subject content, which naturally is the first reason for it to exist. Once it is live, be sure to have tests performed to determine if you have a disproportionate amount of copy per code, long page load time, and what server response time. Does your site go down frequently? Perhaps files to load the page could be combined or minified to boost your page speed. Commonly, uncompressed image files created heavy and unwarranted demand on a page’s load time. This will then be one item that can be improved upon to drastically improve your site speed. In the long run, fast-loading and well-optimized web pages yield the benefits of higher viewer engagement, visitor retention, and lead conversions.

Website Audit for Lead Generation and Conversions

Your business may have worked hard to achieve high-quality; search engine optimized unique content to increase your traffic numbers. What may be even more important to you is what actions those visitors who land on your website take once there. Everyone cares about converting new business leads. It takes clear and optimized call-to-action (CTAs), niche marketing offers and converting landing pages to carry this role in the performance of your website. Once visitors have chosen to give you their contact information, you will want to follow up with answers and opportunities that add value to what they are seeking. This engagement also lets you know what content your viewers are finding of value, and you can then generate new content that meets that need and puts your brand in view to gain qualified leads.

When search engines first revolutionized the consumption of digital information found on the Internet, businesses realized the importance of crafting their web content around how search works. If your website was designed solely the way you wanted to visualize it, it may well not work for meeting user expectations and to get found online. Then you are in the position of being in much need of an SEO full site analysis.

Track Your Progress With On-going SEO Audits

We set up our SEO auditor to crawl your website weekly so we can be right on top of any new issues that come up. This way you can see your progress over time after we reveal how many issues you’ve corrected. We’ll give you the ability to prioritize and overcome the common problems that plague many websites. Enable your staff to implement updates from your regular SEO Website audits. Start with your retail landing pages and celebrate your site’s advancements. We add our personal “human eyes” observations that no tool can offer you. While it may take only one click to analyze a site for search engine errors, it takes years of skilled optimization, proven best practices to – and knowledge of current techniques – to implement the needed changes.


1. Essential SEO Website Review – 60 Minute Evaluation

2. Detailed On-Site SEO Audit– Focused In-depth On-Site Review and Report

3. Comprehensive Web Presence Analysis – All-Encompassing SEO Website/Marketing Review, Report, and 60 Minute Consultation

What to Expect as we Begin Your Website Audit

It is exciting to be on the threshold of an SEO audit; most clients have a passion to get to the solutions and more visibility online. However, Audits are really difficult (unless you only have a handful of pages. Like a surgeon meeting a new patient, SEO analysts being at the ground level, gather whatever information is available, and quickly diagnose and treat pain points. Our technical SEO audits also check to ensure that all essential schema markup types are implemented and correct. That takes time; it works best when the clients’ expectations match. Earned SEO, as the name implies, is earned – in some scenarios it can, but typically, it does not offer immediate results. It needs to be integrated throughout every aspect of your digital marketing strategies. Our SEO audit process positions the project and your business for SEO for success.

To chart your future SEO success, we begin with an audit. If your business qualifies as a YMYL domain, our audits need to comprehensively check for weak E-A -T content signals. To chart your business’s future success, we need to know your past marketing history. We customize our SEO audit process to where it is needed to tailored fit a client, but one aspect is essential: SEO AUDITS BEGIN WITH A MEETING.

We know, many will do an SEO audit without one. But our hard-won proven successes have come from more than just “test results”; they come from knowing what to do afterward. And that is best done as a team.

Like your favorite doctor, we need an introduction to the patient. This doesn’t necessarily mean a face-to-face meeting, but it does entail sufficient time to talk. Let us know when you can aside 30- 45 minutes, note-taking included, and have a discovery interview. It’s time to diagnose and treat your website.

Statistics That Validate why your Website Needs SEO Going Forward

BlueHat Marketing reports the following statistics proving the value of SEO after compiling a number of case study results.

  • The top position in organic search results gets 33% of traffic.
  • The top position in organic search results gets an average of 53% of clicks.
  • The 2nd position in the same search results, while still extremely valuable, is worth only half as much.
  • Over 60% of the web traffic share goes to sites in the top 3 earned results.
  • Ranking 5th or lower means the URL gets 6% of clicks as a best-case scenario.
  • 93% of all online interactions begin with a search engine.
  • 70% of user clicks are attributed to organic links.
  • 92% of all web traffic is won by first page rankings.

It can be encapsulated very simply: The more web traffic your site gains, the better your chances are of selling your products or services. In the case of search engine optimization, being at the top spot in Google Search it is anything but lonely. It means more web traffic; and traffic is money. And the Google Search Console provide helpful SEO tools for free.

The stunning statistic here is that number one search query result overwhelmingly wins an average of 33% of all search traffic for a particular keyword phrase! This finding clearly validates the value of SEO. In fact, the leader of the marketing study said, “the importance of SEO is clearly quantified by these latest statistics.” After creating a catchy headline or keyword-specific title and image that nabs a user’s attention, your best course of action is to strive for a higher ranking position.

Recommended SEO Audit Tools

If you are a do-it-yourself type of person, check your site for online marketing essentials. For the eager do-it-yourself business owner, you can assess the success of your own content with the following recommended SEO website audit tools:

Screaming Frog is ideal for performing a site crawl

• Sitechecker is a comprehensive solution for website audit, error correction, and further website promotion.

• SearchMetrics*** can shed light on your SEO visibility’s history

• Majestic SEO Suite link index database yields insights on link quality

• Open Site Explorer from Moz* is acclaimed for authority metrics and viewing competitor’s backlinks

“Our SEO campaign, ‘Mid September Campaign’, had fantastic results with an engagement rate of 4.73% is in the top 10% of all campaigns reaching our target audience. You clearly have a good understanding of technical SEO. I completely trust matters when they are in your hands! ” – Minneapolis real estate client

“Put together a thorough site audit and determine what is holding back the organic performance of your business website.” ~ Geoff Kenyon on Moz

“I learned more about SEO in 45 minutes from Jeannie than from reading all the books. A student of SEO, Jeannie is the go-to person for all things around current internet analytics. She is in-the-know, studying the latest trends and testing them. In addition, she’s an excellent presenter. I would highly recommend her for any SEO or internet needs.” – Anne Pryor

“Audits are our chance to play the bold TV drama diagnostician who always finds the cure against all odds and saves the day for an endearing patient. Except our patients are websites and the remedies are measured in visits or online sales or donations. Different, but brilliant diagnosing nonetheless.” –**


Comprehensive Website SEO Audit and Technical Marketing Analysis:

“Fabulous Jeannie, thanks for the good work and real progress with the score. I will be watching for any impact on this end in the weeks ahead.” – William Nunn on January 20, 2016


Optimize your Website with an SEO Website Audit Today

While there are multiple tools available to perform an SEO analysis on your website, the best approach is to either do the audit using a guide or hire an SEO Auditor to do the work for you. We welcome your business, especially when processes can be particularly complicated if your businesses have a big website, multiple sites, or need its content better organized. When a site is cleaned up and indexed faster, you gain both immediate and long-term results.

No “one strategy” or tactic is the win-all for any business and there is never a guarantee that Google or any search engine will rank your site better. However, by fixing issues revealed in a Website SEO Audit, your SEO efforts can best work on your behalf.

A Hill Web Marketing site audit process includes dissecting all the on-page and behind the scenes code, which may reveal growing problems. You can get-in-the-know of them before feeling the acute pain of these issues becoming giant-sized. You decide what website SEO health issues to fix, based on your business unique website audit report. Get ahead by starting your Website audit and analysis sooner versus later. Especially when an SEO expert is newly hired by a business, the initial weeks are inescapably spent in revealing secrets found in website audits.


With an in-depth SEO Website Audit and a Technical SEO Marketing Analysis from Hill Web Marketing you’ll get an expert evaluation that covers all your basics of how your business is performing in earned search results. During our analysis, we’ll review your site’s backlinks, keyword rankings, whether or not your web content is optimized and meets search intent, and the various technical issues that impact the strength of your SEO. This audit will identify your biggest opportunities and challenges. We will come back to you with a clear, prioritized plan for how you can earn higher visibility in SERPs and win more relevant traffic to your website. The end result is a better chance to introduce your business to new audiences that are looking for a business like you.

We’ll examine your mobile CTR and assess opportunities to improve conversion rates. Also, the use of images for AMP pages and overall image optimization is a core aspect of a gaining fast loading pages.

During our basic SEO analysis, we’ll review your site’s:

  • high level backlink profile overview
  • main keyword rankings
  • how well your web content is optimized
  • structured data
  • site speed
  • mobile status
  • onsite link status
  • thin content issues

We add checking for various technical issues that impact the strength of your SEO and marketing reach with the second option. Your comprehensive audit will reveal rankings keywords, topical authority, on-page and off page SEO, and depth of visibility rank that is hard to find in a free audit. Contact Jeannie Hill to learn more. Our audits typically run between $1,200 and $2,400, which adds competitive analysis, keyword strategies, and customer journey analysis.

Learn how to improve your website’s visibility by adding our services to set-up your Search Engine Optimization






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